Student Athlete Development

Rice University recruits student athletes that have demonstrated immense skills in both their academic and athletic endeavors. Rice student athletes have a desire to achieve at the very highest level in the classroom and on the field. Our student athletes are the future leaders in all types of industries and fields of study and represent their teams, themselves, and Rice athletics with responsibility, commitment, and pride.

The Student-Athlete Development program was created in 2008 to prepare these exceptional young adults to become both leaders and strong contributors to society. Our mission is to assist in the transition to life into, during, and after Rice. We work in collaboration to foster their success and achievement in all aspects of life.

The Student Athlete Development program utilizes and integrates a variety of resources, including both campus-wide and athletic department athletic support, coaches, trainers, academic coordinators, Center for Career Development, the Jones Graduate School of Business, the Rice Health and Wellness Center, and a supportive and involved alumni network to best serve our athletes in our focuses of Professional Development, Personal Development, Community Service, and Leadership.

Rice Student Athletes are among the very best and brightest in the country and by working TOGETHER there is nothing these students can't achieve!