Professional Development

The goal of the Student Athlete Development Office is to help our student-athletes become champions not only in their sport, but also in the classroom, and ultimately, in life. From their participation in sports, student-athletes inherently acquire a variety of attributes that are important to their future success including commitment, confidence, team-building skills, determination, and time management. These skills make student athletes highly marketable in the work force and our office works diligently to enhance these skills so that our students are prepared for the next phase of life.

The Student-Athlete Development department works with the Center for Student Professional Development to assist student-athletes in achieving their professional goals by providing a variety of services and Opportunities to Win, Lead, and Succeed (O.W.L.S.), including:

  • Professional Development Workshops
  • Connections with former student-athlete and alumni mentors through our OWLS Career Network
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Career Investigation, Research and Counseling
  • Resume & Professional Communication Workshops
  • Professional Etiquette & Dress for Success
  • Interview Skills & Mock Interviews
  • Career Panels
  • Internship and Job Resources & Referrals (OWLS Career Network)
  • Four-year plan
  • Graduate School Investigation, Preparation, and Application
  • Agents and Pursuing Pro Sports

Graduate Outcomes

The 2013 class of Rice Student Athletes had a 92.3% post graduation placement rate. This number includes several athletes that went on to play sports professionally in the NFL, MLB, and overseas for volleyball and basketball.

The companies' Rice student athletes were employed by after the 2012-2013 school year include: Accenture, Anadarko, Advocare, Apple, Apache, CES Performance, Citibank, Deloitte, Enterprise, Entergy, JP Morgan, Daily Thermetrics, Federal Union Bank, Invensys, IMG, Mass Mutual, McKinsey & Company, National Investments, Schlumberger Consulting, Sabre Holdings, and TEI.

Many or our students athletes were also accepted into graduate programs in the areas of Law, Medicine, Public Health, Occupational Therapy, Psychology, and Counseling. The schools they were accepted into include Columbia, Penn State, University of Washington, UTMB Galveston, Cal Tech, Alabama Birmingham, and TCU.

We are very proud of our 2013 graduating class and look forward to watching them excel in life after college just as they did so well during their time at Rice. CONGRATULATIONS!

The OWLS Career Network

We have developed a network of former student-athletes, alumni, and friends that provide mentoring to our current student athletes. We couldn't provide the opportunities we do for our student athletes without your help and encourage you to support this special cause. To learn more about the network please email Lauren Cavallaro