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  • Your full name: Allyson Lemay

    The nickname my teammates call me: a-lemay

    My Rice College: Brown

    My favorite movie: She's the Man

    My favorite web site is: www.facebook.com

    My favorite CD or music artist: Justin Timberlake

    My pet peeve is: I hate being late

    My favorite snack: granola (without raisins!) and yogurt

    My favorite meal at the Rice servery: Fajita night

    My favorite class at Rice: Heal 103 (nutrition)

    I chose to attend Rice because: The awesome academics and Autry pool (haha)

    What I like most about college life or specifically college life at Rice: The freedom to do what I want.

    My favorite swimmer is: Brendan Hansen

    One athlete I would like to meet: Vince Young

    One person (non athlete) I would like to meet: Barack Obama

    My favorite moment of my swimming career so far: making my first junior national cut

    The person who got me interested in swimming: my parents

    The best advice about competing I ever had was: "Just relax"

    My favorite sport besides swimming: Football

    The Rice team I like to watch play their sport: Football

    The most embarrassing moment or thing that ever happened to me was: one of the many times I have slipped on the pool deck at meets

    I describe myself as: energetic

    My teammates think I am: giggly

    Coach Huston thinks I am: ummm...

    Other than myself, the Rice swimmer player to keep an eye on at the C-USA meet: Justine Lin

    Who, if anyone, on my team is most likely to become a swim coach and possibly a college coach one day: Brittany Massengale

    The Rice swimmer with the best or most interesting non-swimming talent: Caitlin's ability to memorize Dane Cook's standup comedy

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