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  • Your full name: Erin Danger Scott (Link here for official Rice bio)

    The nickname my teammates call me is: "E"

    My Rice College: Wiess

    My favorite soccer player is: Craig Wiebel, omg

    My favorite movies: probably Billy Madison or Happy Gilmore

    My favorite web site is: facebook

    My favorite CD or music artist is: Tool

    My favorite book is: Dean Koontz books

    My pet peeve is: getting stuck behind people who walk really slow (Shelley Wong)

    My favorite snack is: cereal

    My favorite meal at the Rice servery is: all of it

    My favorite class at Rice is: performance psychology

    I chose to attend Rice because: the weather was soo ideal.

    I chose my Rice number because: I've always been number 5. Ferg calls me "five," then sometimes gives me a high-five

    What I like most about college life or specifically college life at Rice is: seeing the Baker 13 twice a month

    People tell me the celebrity I most-resemble is: Dennis Rodman

    One athlete (non soccer player) I would like to meet is: Michael Phelps

    One person (non athlete) I would like to meet is: J-Ross in a previous life

    My favorite moment of my soccer career so far: Scoring two goals in the final minutes of the game to win the Surf Cup championship back in the day (club)

    The person who got me interested in soccer was: my dad

    The best soccer advice I ever had was: don't think too much

    My favorite sport besides soccer is: ping pong

    The Rice team I like to watch play their sport: I wish Rice had ping pong

    I describe myself as: pretty cool I guess

    My teammates think I am: a cat

    My favorite coach Huston expression is: "A win's a win's a win."

    Other than myself, the Rice Owl to keep an eye on this season: Hope Ward

    The Rice soccer player with the best non-soccer talent: Korey Taylor's dolphin noise, and Jessica Ross' attempt at it.



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