Ruth Seleznick
Duncan College

Oct. 21, 2013

Meet the players on the Rice Soccer team in the Q&A feature Just For Kicks. In today's edition true freshman Ruth Seleznick takes-on the rugged questions.

Full name: Ruth Lia Seleznick

The nickname my teammates call me: "roofie, roosie, rufalin, rufus... take your pick

My favorite soccer player is: Alison Martino aka white thunder

My favorite movie: Pitch Perfect

My favorite book: One fish two fish red fish blue fish

My favorite web site: Rice Athletics, go take a look at it!

My favorite CD or music artist: Brad Paisley

My pet peeve: when people wear heels to class

My favorite snack: pretzels and nutella

My favorite meal at the Rice servery: spaghetti

I chose to attend Rice because: I got to keep the sunshine I had in Florida, the level of academic prestige, and the team.

What I like most about college life: the freedom

I knew I had gone off to college when: I had to do laundry and I wasn't eating Italian food every night

I'll be loyal to my Rice College because: we have the nicest dorms and the nicest people

One athlete (but a non soccer player) I would like to meet: Yogi Berra

One person (but a non athlete) I would like to meet is: Ellen Degeneres

The celebrity who people say I most look like is: Amanda Bynes?

When I last looked, I had this many friends on Facebook: too many

My favorite person/site to follow on Twitter is: Soccer Girl Probs

My favorite moment of my soccer career so far: winning the first championship my high school had in 30 years

So far in my career, I've probably been through this many pair of soccer shoes: wish I could tell you

The person who got me interested in soccer was: my brother

The very first kids' soccer team I ever played for was nicknamed: The Fireballs

Rice jersey number is the coolest because: It's mine!

The best soccer advice I ever had was: "Either the player is gonna pass you, or the ball is gonna pass you. But one of them better end up at your feet."

On I soccer game days one of my rituals or routines is to...: listen to loud pump up music

My favorite sport besides soccer is: gymnastics

The Rice team I like to watch play their sport: I haven't had the chance to see any teams yet!

The most embarrassing moment or thing that ever happened to me was: well I went to the wrong calculus class for 2 weeks this semester... That counts right?

I describe myself as: free spirited

My teammates think I ... : am a tank

Coach Nicky thinks I ... : am a tank

My favorite expression Coach Nicky uses is: "everybody on the midstripe"

Other than myself, the Rice Owl to keep an eye on this season is: Jenny Fichera

The Rice soccer player I could see being a head coach someday is...: Dub (Hayley Williams)

The Rice soccer player with the best non-soccer talent is: Spriggs. Making people laugh

One thing I'd like to say, but you didn't ask is: Hi mom and dad miss you





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