Oct. 11, 2005

For this week's diary, I want to share with everyone a letter I wrote to the team after our win on Sunday.

Hey guys... Sunday was unbelievable. I have waited four years to beat SMU and it couldn't have been a more perfect game. We played with heart, we played like we wanted it, and we played a full 110 minutes (well, 108 minutes and 12 seconds). I hope we all realize that we won that game because we wanted it more and played like it--not because the game happened to go our way or because we got lucky. It might not have been pretty, but we finally showed the heart and determination that we have been talking about all season. Now, there's no turning back; we can no longer be content with going through the motions and not getting up for each and every game. Every time we step onto the field, whether it's practice or a game, we must be willing to work and to not stop working until the final whistle blows. Our season is in our hands and I have no doubt that if we play every game like we did on Sunday, we will win conference and the conference tournament. Yet I don't want us to forget Friday's game against Tulsa; we can't let ourselves overlook the feeling of defeat and how it felt walking off that field knowing we could have played better, that we could have shown more heart. From here on out every game is a "big game", every team is another SMU, and every second of every game counts. I have been playing this game for the past 17 years and the sport that has defined my life is coming down to its final stages (three to six weeks, depending on how we do). I don't want to leave this program with any regret, or know that I could have given more or asked more for all of you. So, my promise to each of you is this: I will not be content with us being "average", or be happy with a practice that I know we could have put more into, or place a smile on my face after a loss when I'm really pissed-off inside. I am going to ask more out of myself and more out of you than I have these past four years. I hope that we all look back on this past weekend and realize that if we don't want to feel like we did after Friday's game, we're going to have to play each game like we did on Sunday. Let's keep moving forward and play the way we know how: with a ton of heart, a lot of determination, and the will and desire to win. Houston is on Friday and I can't think of a better team to beat on our home field. I love you guys!!!






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