Sept. 28, 2005

The past week has been absolutely chaotic. Between evacuating Houston, traveling to Dallas to play North Texas and then Texas, having my first allergic reaction to God-knows-what, and making up all my schoolwork, I am defiantly looking forward to things getting back to normal.

Our trip up to Dallas, and then to Austin (Sept. 16-18), was filled with some entertaining and absolutely hilarious moments. On Saturday night, the team decided to have a little competition between the even numbers and the odd numbers. The competition, or rather "game-show," involved answering questions about Zoz (questions that Traci and Kelly so cleverly put together). A typical question, for example, would be, "Who does Zoz think he is most like on our team (including past and present players)?" or "What position did Zoz play when he played soccer?" The game moved from questions about Zoz to a bonus-round. Here, the group who did the best impersonation of Zoz got points added to their score. Needless to say, our team did not disappoint and Zoz was a great sport about the whole thing. Besides the team entertainment, the best part of traveling that weekend was going to the Brolan's and the Waite's for dinner (we really, really appreciated them welcoming all of us into their beautiful homes while we were in town).

For those of you who haven't been watching TV, our team (and the city of Houston) was part of the biggest evacuation in U.S. history. I have heard so many horror stories about leaving that I can't complain that I was only stuck in traffic for 3.5 hours. Some girls on the team, like Maria, were sitting in traffic for 14 hours while trying to get to Dallas; others, such as Ashley, Alexa and Anne sat in their car for 22 hours (they were only going to College Station, a mere 70 miles away). Luckily, we all made it out safely and returned this week for school and practice. Hopefully we will never have to experience another evacuation like that.

Conference starts on Friday and I AM SO EXCITED!!!! This is what we have been working for all season through two-a-days, 100-degree heat, and Tuesday practices, and now it's finally here. It's my last year and I only hope that we come ready to kick some butt. We open with two home games against East Carolina and Marshall. Both games should test us as to how much we truly want to win a conference championship. As of this Friday, nothing we have done all season matters (at least in my mind). It's like a new beginning. We've got to come out and show C-USA that we are the best and that we're going to be contenders for the top spot (and an automatic-bid into the NCAAs). I can't believe it is finally here, I am so ready!





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