JUST FOR KICKS - Meet The Rice Soccer Team!

Danielle Spriggs
Wiess College

Sept. 26, 2012

Meet the members of the Rice soccer team in the Q & A feature, "Just For Kicks". In today's edition, true freshman Danielle Spriggs checks-in to face the always tough interview questions.

In her debut season at the Division I level. Spriggs has worked her way into starting nine of the team's 11 games. The California native played a total of 585 minutes and is fifth on the team in shots.

Full name: Danielle Ashton Spriggs

The nickname my teammates call me: "Spriggles," "Spriggsy," and "Spriggies"

My favorite soccer player: Lauren Busansky

My favorite movie: 10 Things I Hate About You

My favorite books: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and Where the Red Fern Grows

My favorite web site: Facebook

My favorite music artist: Jason Aldean

My pet peeve: People who hate on California

My favorite snack: Pretzels and Nutella

My favorite meal at the Rice servery: Caesar salad and pasta

I chose to attend Rice because: of the team and academics

What I like most about college life at Rice: Being able to walk around outside in my socks and not have my mom yell at me

I'll be loyal to my Rice College because: Every other college is inferior

One athlete (but a non soccer player) I would like to meet is: Michael Phelps

One person (but a non athlete) I would like to meet is: Khloe Kardashian

When I last looked, I had this many friends on Facebook: 976

On Twitter I follow: I have yet to involve myself in the Twitter scene

My favorite moment of my soccer career so far: Winning regionals with my club team

So far in my career, I've probably been through this many pair of soccer shoes: 30

The person who got me interested in soccer was: myself



The very first kids' soccer team I ever played for was nicknamed: The Shooting Starlights

I chose my Rice jersey number because: It chose me

The best soccer advice I ever had was: "Get on your bike and go!"

My favorite sport besides soccer is: volleyball

The Rice team I like to watch play their sport: most likely baseball

The most embarrassing moment or thing that ever happened to me was: During high school soccer I tried to hop the fence to practice because the gate was locked and my shorts got caught on the top of the fence and ripped and everyone eating lunch watched it happen... it was great

I describe myself as: Californian

My teammates think I...: am Buzz's soul mate

Coach Nicky thinks I...: am Buzz's soul mate

My favorite Coach Nicky expression: "I heard you and Buzz are soul mates"

Other than myself, the Rice Owl to keep an eye on this season: Sparky, because we're twins

One thing I'd like to say, but you didn't ask: I am the Killer Whale Princess



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