JUST FOR KICKS - Meet The Rice Soccer Team!

Becca Koval
Will Rice College

Sept. 25, 2012

Meet the members of the Rice soccer team in the Q & A feature, "Just For Kicks". In today's edition, true freshman Becca Koval checks-in to face the hard-hitting interview questions.

Koval has appeared in 10 of the team's 11 games this season with one start. The California native has an assist and played a total of 173 minutes.

Full name: Rebecca Elena Koval

The nickname my teammates call me: "Becca"

My favorite movie: I can't choose between Italian Job, She's the Man, and Remember the Titans

My favorite book: The Great Gatsby

My favorite web site: RiceOwls.com of course

My favorite music artist: Billy Currington

My pet peeve: when Lo goes through my trash to recycle

My favorite snack: gushers or the fruit roll-ups with tattoos on them

My favorite meal at the Rice servery: the delicious mashed potatoes and fresh fruit

I chose to attend Rice because: the campus is awesome and the team is even more awesome!

What I like most about college life at Rice: having our own bathroom

I'll be loyal to my Rice College because: we win everything, and we are gods and goddesses

Athletes (but non-soccer players) I would like to meet: Misty May and Kerri Walsh

One person (but a non-athlete) I would like to meet is: Kate Middleton

When I last looked, I had this many friends on Facebook: 10,000 (and counting)

On Twitter I follow: Soccer Girl Problems

My favorite moment of my soccer career so far: when I scored and broke the net

So far in my career, I've probably been through this many pair of soccer shoes: 25

The person who got me interested in soccer was: my older brother, JJ

The very first kids' soccer team I ever played for was nicknamed: Purple Lightning



The best soccer advice I ever had was: "Treat every minute like it's the last minute."

My favorite sport besides soccer is: basketball

The most embarrassing moment or thing that ever happened to me was: I tend to block out my embarrassing moments, but let's just say I have plenty of them

I describe myself as: a chill Californian

My teammates think I ... : am just as lanky as Lo Hughes

My favorite expression Coach Nicky uses is: "I LOVEEEE SOCCERRRRR"

Other than myself, the Rice Owl to keep an eye on this season: Hayley (DUB) Williams

The Rice soccer player with the best non-soccer talent: Caroline Scruggs and her dance moves

One thing I'd like to say, but you didn't ask is: go Owlsssssss!



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