Aug. 31, 2005

This past weekend was filled with tremendous up's and extremely low down's. We opened our season with a HUGE win against Auburn, something that will remain in my memory as one of the greatest games I have ever been part of. The game was unbelievable: we played in front of a crowd of 1,200 (none of whom stopped yelling throughout the 90 minute match) and were able to come back from a 1-0 deficit at half-time. I personally feel that the crowd played the biggest role in our victory; the support was unreal and their energy throughout the game kept us going and motivated us to play harder. The emotion after the game was indescribable--I was excited, proud, and unbelievably exhausted. It was so satisfying that we finally proved ourselves against a nationally-ranked team. We deserved that win: we out played them, out worked them, and, I personally believe, wanted it more. That Friday night was unforgettable.

As for Sunday, let's just say the enthusiasm didn't carry over from Friday night's game. There are no excuses for why we didn't win. All I can say is that we proved to ourselves that we still have a long way to go. Regardless of whom we beat the game before, the loss against St. Louis shows that we have to show up for each and every game and be willing to work harder than any other team on the field. While I hate to lose, I am glad this loss came early in the season; it has given us a type of "reality check" after our win against Auburn. Now we know that we can compete and beat the top teams, but each day we step onto the field we need to be prepared to play for the full 90 minutes.

Going into this weekend, it doesn't matter who we're playing or whether they are a Top-20 team. We need to show up and play for both games, for a full 90 minutes each day. If we do that, we'll come out on top. Today's practice was extremely intense--I saw more girls throw-up today than I have ever seen in the 17 years I have been playing this game. We worked our butts off and it feels great to have gotten through it as a team. These types of practices will only make us better and will make games like this past Sunday seem like a walk-through (well, maybe not that easy, but you get the point!). Our team goal for this weekend is simple: play hard and win. Thanks for all the support. Hope to see y'all out there!!!!





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