Just For Kicks! Meet the Rice Soccer Team - Catherine Fitzsimmons

Aug. 30, 2010

Your name: Catherine Camille Fitzsimmons

The nickname my teammates call me is: "Cat"

My Rice College: Hanszen

My favorite soccer player is: Craig Waibel

My favorite movie: The Breakfast Club

My favorite web site is: PostSecret

My favorite CD or music artist is: DJ Earworm

My favorite snack is: Trail Mix

My favorite meal at the Rice servery is: breakfast :)

My favorite class at Rice is: Visual Sociology and Introduction to Law

I chose to attend Rice because: academics, soccer

What I like most about college life or specifically college life at Rice is: The residential college system

My pet peeve is: When people change lanes and keep their blinker on!!

One athlete (non soccer player) I would like to meet is: Michael Jordan

One person (non athlete) I would like to meet is: Barack Obama

On Twitter, I follow: no one..twitter is not my thing

My favorite moment of my soccer career so far: upsetting Memphis 2-1 in 2009

The person who got me interested in soccer was: my Dad

The best soccer advice I ever had was: have fun! the rest will come

My favorite sport besides soccer is: Football

When Rice started soccer for the first time 10 years ago (2001), I was busy doing this: being the tallest sixth grader ever. Seriously. Can you say massive growth spurt?

The Rice team I like to watch play their sport: Volleyball

The most embarrassing moment or thing that ever happened to me was: This year? Probably getting my foot stuck in the goal net during a really intense scrimmage and falling flat on my face...that was entertaining.

I describe myself as: easy-going

My teammates think I am: pretty freaking cool

My favorite expression Coach Huston uses is: All's we gotta do is...



Other than myself, the Rice Owl to keep an eye on this season is: Jordan "Jobin" Holloway

The Rice soccer player with the best non-soccer talent is: Dub has mad dancing skillz

One thing I'd like to say, but you didn't ask is: every set-back is a set-up for a come back!



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