Erin Droeger Diary

Aug. 25, 2005

So I have been sitting here, staring at the computer screen, trying to put all my emotions and thoughts into words but to no avail. Preseason wrapped up on Sunday with a morning practice and then a final team meeting. Overall, preseason went extremely well and I am so proud of the commitment shown by everyone on the team during the past ten days. Each time we stepped onto the field, the level of intensity and work-rate was amazing and left us pushing ourselves to a level I have never experienced. Yet I am left questioning whether the success we experienced during preseason will translate into great performances throughout the season. We open this weekend with two extremely strong opponents: Auburn and St. Louis. Both games will test our team and will more than likely expose our weaknesses, yet I know we are ready for the challenge.

For the past four years we have been considered the "underdog," the "new program," the team that cannot contend with nationally-ranked powerhouses. Well.this year is going to be different. We HAVE proved ourselves as contenders; as a team that can compete with the best; we have the experience and the desire to win, and this weekend will only help to show our progress as a program. Going into this opening weekend, I'm not worried about who we're playing or what they're ranked nationally; in fact, none of that matters. When it is all said and done, the winner will be decided by which team shows up to play for 90 minutes and leaves it all out on the field. I know we're ready.





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