Aug. 23, 2006

Entry #2

This past week has been jam packed for the Rice Owls soccer team. Two-a-days wrapped up and the stage was set for our first home appearance. Even though it was just a scrimmage we treated it as a regular Friday game complete with our pre-game meal and pre-game rituals. We ended up with a 2-1 win over Northwestern State but were still convinced that our team is better than what our performance indicated.

As we stepped outside of Autry to go out to the field for practice Saturday morning we saw what I have not seen since I have been in Houston. The entire sky over the medical center was almost completely black but the buildings were shining bright silver. It was such a cool sight that if captured on camera would make for an amazing picture. Anyways, the rest of the day was spent watching film, having an intense weight session, and then getting together with the team for a barbecue. Clory and Beth were nice enough to have us all over at their house. Twenty five girls with food, all at one house, made for a bit of a mess so thanks to them for being so willing! Their roommate and neighbor prepared chicken and mashed potatoes, etc (which all tasted great!) and we were able to get some team time in there to talk with each other. Overall it was a fun little get together that we can hopefully do again sometime soon!

The last big event of the past week, mainly for the freshmen, would have to be O-week. Matriculation was Sunday night and some of the upperclassmen went to cheer on the freshmen as they "officially" became rice students. This week is filled with lots of activities and fresh new faces for them. As a freshman I had two-a-days during my O-week so it's nice that this year's freshmen are able to really participate having only one practice a day.

That brings us to our first two regular season games this weekend. Friday night's game is at TCU and Sunday's game is our first home game here at Rice against Mississippi State. It is so important for us to start off this season on the right foot with two wins against two very worthy opponents. We need to make a statement and this is the perfect opportunity to do so. It is definitely a challenge, as our entire schedule is this year, but nothing that our team cannot handle! I hope to see everyone out there on Sunday!





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