David Bailiff Press Conference Quotes

Sept. 28, 2015

Opening statement:

“That was a tough game. My hat’s off to Art Briles. He’s done a remarkable job. We’re a good football. Baylor is a great football team. They’re deserving of their ranking. You don’t see a weakness in anything they do. As tough as that game was, we did have some shining moments. Austin Walters, just with his kick returns, you’re able to see what he can do. He’s just a redshirt freshman. Defensively, you saw a great effort out of Alex Lyons, who had 10 tackles. Stuart Mouchantaf made plays up and down the field. Brady Wright; we had a bunch of guys play hard on that side of the football.

Offensively, it was the same. I thought we played really hard. That started when we drove the field and we got a field goal. (The score) was 14-10 when we got our first turnover. We knew that was something we couldn’t do. Every drive had to account for points. We couldn’t turn the ball over. They scored to make it 21-10. The Bears had all of the momentum and they never gave it back.

I like the way we started the third quarter, causing a turnover and getting points. But it was a tough day. What you learn about this is that you learn about life. It’s not about how many times you get knocked down (because) you have to get back up. You get back up and start Conference USA play this week against Western Kentucky, who’s picked to win their side of the conference. They already beat (Louisiana) Tech. It’s going to be a great game. They were a top-five offensive football team in the country last year. Their quarterback, Brandon Doughty, is returning for his sixth year. We’re going to have to be ready. We can’t let this Baylor loss be a strike. We have to get over it. We have to get back to work. Problems can be solved just by hard work and that’s what I anticipate from our guys when they come back over here.”



On if there is any fear that the loss could affect the team:

“That’s my job to make sure we’re over it. We’re going to address that today. We talked to them right after the game that, you know what, we’re going to learn from it, we’re going to flush it and we’re going to get on. That’s what you have to do. You have to have a short memory. We’ll watch the Western Kentucky film and just keep improving on what we’re doing. We have to get better at what we’re doing offensively, defensively and on special teams.”

On if preparing for Baylor’s offense helps with preparing Western Kentucky:

“Western Kentucky, really, they’re upbeat and not as fast. They use a lot more two tight end sets and two back sets. They will spread you (out). But, it’s really not similar to what Baylor does offensively, other than they both have great quarterback and great skill positions.”

If there is any similarity to Baylor’s Seth Russell and Western Kentucky’s Brandon Doughty:

“They are both incredibly accurate. They both run their offense extremely well. They’re both NFL quarterbacks. They are really good. We’re going to have to play well defensively. But, again, we’re going to have to score some points next Saturday to win this one.”

On playing at home after being on the road for three weeks:

“There’s really no place like home. After three weeks on the road, it’s fatiguing. It’s nice to get into a home routine where, Thursday, these guys will be able to go to their dorms or apartments, get up Friday morning and not have to get on a bus. They can go to class. They can have just a regular weekend, like any student would have.”

On Western Kentucky’s defense:

“With Western Kentucky, it’s every defense that’s known to man is what they do. Every game that you look at, they always change from four-down, to three-down, to zone, to man. We’re going to see a lot of different fronts. The offensive guys, with the video they put on last night, that’s all they could talk about. It’s a totally difference defense this week. You know, a year ago, they really struggled defensively. It looks like this year, they’re settling in.”

On how rare it is that a team switches defense:

“It’s very rare. I’m talking about four-down, three-down, double eagle. They do it all. So, it forces you to be prepared for a lot of different looks offensively.”

On how the team is health-wise:

“Hopefully, we’ll get Caleb Williams back this week. He hasn’t played the last couple of weeks. We’re hopeful Ross Winship, our defensive tackle, will be back. He actually, on Saturday during warmup, his leg was just too sore to play. We should get Nick Elder back, our linebacker, back this week. So we should get two or three guys back. That’s encouraging. We came out of that game relatively healthy.”

On playing a tough non-conference schedule:

“I would have liked this to be a competitive game. You go to Waco; we’re going down there to win. You watch the video against SMU, against Lamar and Baylor is an elite team in the country. We’re a good team. Baylor is a great team right now. We have to take the lessons that we’re sitting here at 2-2. We’re still in pretty good shape. We’re 1-0 in Conference USA. We have to make sure that we have our momentum and our attitude back. We have to get our confidence back and remind (the team) and show them that we’re pretty good. We’re explosive offensively. We’re a good defense. I’m sure we’ll show them some highlight tapes of them doing some nice things. This game, we’ll just pick some plays that we want them to learn from, and we will. We’re going to flush it. We’re not going to spend a lot of time on it.”



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