Rice Postgame Quotes

Nov. 5, 2011

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Rice Head Coach David Bailiff
"I'm proud of Taylor Cook, for the way he stepped in there today for Luke Willson. Vance (McDonald) did some incredible things. We still have to work with him on 'not' listening to the quarterback.

"Vance played an amazing game for our offensive line. Defensively we gave up some deep balls again. We have to continue to work on deep-ball security. Normally our special teams are fabulous, today we were a little shaky. Kyle (Martens) and Chris (Boswell) responded well after some early kicks. I'm proud of this football team. Proud to get a win on homecoming. That was a big time win for us. I'm looking forward to going in to Chicago next week."

(Establishing the run early) "I think it was paramount. It allowed us to hit those passes later. The different changes the offensive staff was throwing at them kept them off balance. That helped lead to the passes down the field. Vance will tell you the same thing - they were trying to lock man (coverage) and couldn't do it. Vance was just too big for them. It was good to see Randy Kitchens make some plays, and Jordan Taylor, and Taylor Cook. Some of the mismatches in man that we've been looking for, we got today."

Rice Quarterback Nick Fanuzzi
"It feels great. Great win for us. The whole team played very well today. We had a great game plan going into this week. I felt that all week long our preparation in practice was very good. We were just very confident that that if we executed what we needed to do we could come out with a win, and that's exactly what we did today. We got into a rhythm today that we could do pretty much whatever we wanted. We were running the ball successfully, going inside, outside. We were throwing the ball down the field. Getting a lot of man coverage allows you to do that. It was very evenly mixed-up today. Today I felt like we were throwing a lot, and that we could keep on doing it over and over again. This game was different than any other game I've had here.

"We've had some big wins, and this one matches up with all of them."

Rice Wide Receiver Vance McDonald
"This is one of the reasons you play football. It was a blast today.

"There isn't too much else you can say about. We just had so much success we just never slowed down. It's been a long time coming. We knew as soon as we stepped into meetings this week we had the game plan ready to go."

Rice Cornerback Bryce Callahan
(on the def scheme today) "I like it. It opens up more opportunities to make plays on the ball."

"Coach has always talked to us about having a short memory. They were getting some over the middle. You just have to shake it off and keep playing. It's difficult (to shake big plays). It's always in the back of your mind. It is important that you focus on the 'next' play because that is the most important play. I feel like the 'longer-field' situation we can start a series in, the better we'll be.

"The offense did really well today. When the offense does great we can get a breather on the bench before we go back in. The offense affects us a lot and they did really well today."





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