Rice Postgame Quotes

Oct. 2, 2010

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Rice Owls Head Coach David Bailiff
(on the team's performance) "SMU did some good things, but once again it's what we didn't do. The blocked field goal was a ten point swing--interception returned for a touchdown. If we take those mistakes away this was a winnable football game. All we have to do is keep working hard, keep improving our fundamentals, keep believing in these men, and work through the hard times. That is the only way I know how to do it. I know we've got some wins in this football team and I know we have some good players."

(on defensive performance) "I was proud of those young men. We're still giving up too many deep balls, but overall the defense is performing at a level where we can win. We had a big specials team mistake and a turnover offensively, but defensively, for five weeks in a row, those men have come out and given us their best. They have kept us in ballgames."

(on possible concerns over the poor performance of the secondary) "They were right there. (CB) Philip Gaines was right there. (SS) Chris Jones was right there. There weren't broken coverages. We as coaches have to do a better job teaching them how to finish on the top of their routes."

(on injury of QB Taylor McHargue) "It was a late hit on his shoulder, and he re-injured it."

(on getting the offense going early in the game) "We just have to watch the video. We've seen it every game when we get that rhythm. All I know is to get with (QB) Nick (Fanuzzi) and figure out how to duplicate the success we've had. Once we've established it, we've got to make it a habit. We've got to make the rhythm a habit."

(on the low number of attempts that the RBs received) "We we went in there with a set touch plan for (RBs) Sam (McGuffie) and Tyler (Smith) and what we had called had to be checked at the line of scrimmage. You're absolutely right that Sam (McGuffie) and Tyler (Smith) are playmakers, and we've got to get them the ball more."

(on if offensive struggles can be attributed to the infrequent touches that the RBs get) "That's why we've tried to do some twenty; we've tried to do twenty with Sam (McGuffie) at the slot because we need those playmakers out on the field. We understand that they are good players and we need to get the ball in their hands."

(on numerous injuries suffered during the game) "It's just part of the game. Win with a healthy club; you've got to overcome it."

(on botched plays and mistakes that cost the team a chance to win) "They call us for a procedure after we make it. They back it up, and take away three points. They then block it and score seven. I want to see the video to see how they blocked it. We have had great protection all year, and their number 92 that had blocked so many wasn't in."

(on how they can put more pressure on SMU QB Kyle Padron) "One of the things that (QB Kyle) Padron has done to keep their drives alive all year is with his ability to scramble. He has really grown to where, it will be third and long, and he will scramble to get the first down. That's what they have done all those games. So, we were trying to collapse the pocket on him. You could see where we would blitz. There was one drive where they hit us on the bubble when we were in zero coverage, but we were trying to collapse that pocket and take running lanes away from him."

SMU Mustangs Head Coach June Jones
"I was proud of how the guys played, especially on the road. Kyle (Padron) got untracked and we made some plays when we had to make them. I think the offensive line from late in the first quarter on got a handle on things.

"Al (Robinson) stepped up and made a couple of big catches, you know, tough catches. He stepped up and made some plays.

(On scoring near the end of the first half) "That was a big play. We had maybe a minute twenty and we were going to take a shot on the first play and if we hit, then I was going to try to score. If we didn?t hit it then I was going to run out the clock.

Rice Student-Athletes
Nick Fanuzzi (QB)
(on getting the offense going) "It starts with me. I made a few decisions tonight that I wish I could take back. Early in the game you have to forget about it and move on.

"We're just a few plays away from the whole game being totally different. We take care of the ball and it?s a totally different game. It's on all of us to rally together and communicate as one. Everybody needs to do their one-eleventh. We're going to be good if we do that.

"Our mind-set right now is that we want to stay positive and look forward to next week and get ready for the next game. This game is over, but we can learn from our mistakes. We're going to get ready for UTEP."

(moving the ball late vs. early) "There's no reason why we couldn't have done that in the first quarter. I don't think anything changed. At that point we were much more calm. We went out there and executed. There's no reason why can't do that in the first quarter. There was no change in what we did. It's on us as players and I know it's going to come."

Phillip Gaines (CB)
"We just have to go out there and execute. I was in the right spot on the post, I just didn't get the ball. When it is all said and done you just have to do your job and overcome adversity when it comes your way. You just have to make those plays. Our secondary has improved drastically since last year. We're in position but we're going to work on those things and make those plays. We came out firing on all cylinders. We stopped the run, we stopped the pass. We got wound-down, but we have to keep fighting and make plays all the way through the fourth."





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