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                                 2017-18 Rice Basketball Stats
                          Rice Game-by-Game Highs (as of Jan 18, 2018)
                                           All games

Opponent                  Date      Score  WL    POINTS           REBOUNDS         ASSISTS          STEALS           BLOCKED SHOTS
EASTERN KENTUCKY          11/10/17  72-73   L   18-CASHAW, Conno 11-CASHAW, Conno  6-ADAMS, Ako     1-CASHAW, Conno  2-MEYER, Austin
                                                                                                      Adams, Ako
                                                                                                      Mency, Bishop
                                                                                                      Hunter, Najja
GEORGIA STATE             11/14/17  54-75   L   12-LAPRAY, A.J.   8-OSBORNE, Mali  3-CASHAW, Conno  3-LAPRAY, A.J.   1-OSBORNE, Mali
                                                                                     Adams, Ako                        Mency, Bishop
at Northwestern State     11/17/17  87-65  W    27-CASHAW, Conno  9-CASHAW, Conno  9-ADAMS, Ako     3-ADAMS, Ako    None
vs UNLV                   11/20/17  68-95   L   15-LAPRAY, A.J.   9-OSBORNE, Mali  3-HUNTER, Najja  2-CASHAW, Conno  2-OSBORNE, Mali
                                                                                     Adams, Ako
vs Ole Miss               11/22/17  62-79   L   24-CASHAW, Conno  6-MENCY, Bishop  4-ADAMS, Ako     2-ADAMS, Ako     1-HARRISON, Tim
                                                                    OSBORNE, Mali                                      OSBORNE, Mali
ST. THOMAS                11/25/17  70-59  W    16-LAPRAY, A.J.  11-MENCY, Bishop  3-ADAMS, Ako     3-LAPRAY, A.J.   2-MEYER, Austin
at UT Arlington           11/29/17  49-69   L   15-ADAMS, Ako     6-MARTIN, Rober  3-CASHAW, Conno  2-LAPRAY, A.J.  None
                                                                                     Mency, Bishop    OSBORNE, Mali
UTRGV                     12/2/17   67-69   L   14-OSBORNE, Mali  8-CASHAW, Conno  5-ADAMS, Ako     2-ADAMS, Ako    None
at Stephen F. Austin      12/09/17  62-81   L   13-CASHAW, Conno  9-OSBORNE, Mali  3-CASHAW, Conno  4-OSBORNE, Mali  1-OSBORNE, Mali
                                                   MARTIN, Rober
ST. EDWARD'S              12/14/17  91-86  W    27-CASHAW, Conno 12-CASHAW, Conno  3-ADAMS, Ako     3-CASHAW, Conno  1-MEYER, Austin
                                                                                     CASHAW, Conno                     Hunter, Najja
at Texas Tech             12/16/17  53-73   L   21-CASHAW, Conno 12-CASHAW, Conno  2-OSBORNE, Mali  2-MENCY, Bishop  1-MEYER, Austin
                                                                                     MARTIN, Rober                     MARTIN, Rober
                                                                                     CASHAW, Conno                     CASHAW, Conno
                                                                                     Adams, Ako
at New Mexico             12/19/17  69-78   L   16-CASHAW, Conno 11-OSBORNE, Mali  3-ADAMS, Ako     3-CASHAW, Conno  1-OSBORNE, Mali
                                                                                     Lester, Miles                     Harrison, Tim
                                                                                     CASHAW, Conno
TEXAS STATE               12/22/17  66-74   L   15-CASHAW, Conno  6-CASHAW, Conno  5-LESTER, Miles  2-HUNTER, Najja  1-HUNTER, Najja
                                                                    Mency, Bishop
at UTSA                   12/28/17  66-79   L   14-CASHAW, Conno 13-OSBORNE, Mali  4-LESTER, Miles  2-MARTIN, Rober  1-CASHAW, Conno
                                                                                     CASHAW, Conno                     Hunter, Najja
at UTEP                   12/30/17  62-80   L   17-CASHAW, Conno  8-CASHAW, Conno  5-ADAMS, Ako     2-CASHAW, Conno None
OLD DOMINION              1/4/18    75-82  OL   17-MARTIN, Rober  6-MENCY, Bishop  7-CASHAW, Conno  1-CASHAW, Conno  1-MARTIN, Rober
                                                                    CASHAW, Conno                     Adams, Ako       OSBORNE, Mali
                                                                                                      Harrison, Tim    Harrison, Tim
CHARLOTTE                 1/6/18    73-64  W    20-ADAMS, Ako     6-OSBORNE, Mali  2-LESTER, Miles  2-CASHAW, Conno  3-OSBORNE, Mali
                                                                                     MARTIN, Rober
                                                                                     CASHAW, Conno
                                                                                     Adams, Ako
NORTH TEXAS               1/13/18   78-85   L   30-CASHAW, Conno  6-CASHAW, Conno  3-ADAMS, Ako     2-MARTIN, Rober  2-OSBORNE, Mali
                                                                    Mency, Bishop                                      Mency, Bishop
at Southern Miss          01/18/18  75-86   L   18-ADAMS, Ako     8-OSBORNE, Mali  5-ADAMS, Ako     2-ADAMS, Ako    None