Max Guercy's Chinese Expedition - Week 1

May 24, 2016

By: Tim Andrzejewski (

Former Owl Max Guercy is currently in China with a group of college graduates playing exhibition games against teams from the Chinese Basketball Association and the Chinese National Team. Each week, he will write a blog about his experiences in China. Below is his first post.

I left from LAX on Monday, May 16th and got to Chongqing, China after some long days of travel. I noticed that I was definitely in a foreign country as everyone was noticing me for the first time. We started out playing in a tournament in Penshui, China which was a three hour drive to this city. We played a total of four games and I played well for it being the first professional games of my career. My first game was crazy as we actually played outside. I ended up with 15 points and 12 assists. It was a great first experience. My second game we played in a packed gymnasium later on that night and I finished up with 12 points and eight assists. The next morning we had an 8 am game and completed 3 games in less than 24 hours. I ended up with 19 points and six assists. Our last game was played outside the next day and I had eight points and a couple assists to go along with a few steals. We are now back in Chongqing waiting to fly to a different city tomorrow to start the Chinese Basketball Association tour against CBA teams. The hardest part now is getting used to the time difference which is 15 hours ahead of California time. But, so far so good.





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