Statement from Wayne Graham

June 4, 2012

Statement from Wayne Graham

"This act of faith by David Leebron and Rick Greenspan means a great deal to me. It is innervating, invigorating, inspiring and exciting and propels me into the next phase of my career. Coaching at the unique university that is Rice is a rare and wonderful privilege that I and my wife are forever grateful for.

"I am very passionate and challenged by the intricate game of baseball. The tactics and strategy, the human growth and development and the balancing of the human equation are the best work I could hope for. The college game is changing with new stadiums and emerging programs each year. We must and will adapt with it. The coaching and talent pool for college baseball gets better every year. Since we deal with a quite limited portion of the recruiting class each year, we must become even more precise in our recruiting and instruction and we will.

"I have a fine coaching staff with the skills, the energy and the will to adapt to the challenging environment of college baseball. There are no coaching staff changes, only coaching and recruiting improvements.

"We are happy that we continued the streak of 40 in seasons, championships and regional participation. Obviously, we are dissatisfied at not returning to Omaha. We have a fine group of returning players and talented recruits coming in and our goal will be a return to Omaha. We will likely add at least two recruits to this years class. We will once again compete at the national level."





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