Jay Collins `68

T. Jay Collins '68

Oct. 25, 2012

The Rice University Athletics Department will spotlight an individual whose contributions to the Scholar-Athlete Development Center, a new facility at the south end zone of Rice Stadium, have moved the ambitious project closer to reality.

T. Jay Collins '68 was known as an intuitive run stopper as a defensive end for the Rice University football team. The team captain and All-Southwest Conference selection had a gift for anticipation, and he often placed himself where he knew his opponent would soon arrive. Collins, whose individual accomplishment culminated in an interception against Northwestern that he returned for a touchdown, always looked several steps ahead to find success.

Collins, who went on to become a business leader in the oilfield services industry following his Rice career, is now investing in another forward-looking project: the Scholar-Athlete Development Center. He has made a seven-figure commitment in support of the improvement to Rice's football training, coaching and stadium facilities, and he has dedicated himself to rallying the support of his football teammates.

"This project is vital to the success of Rice Athletics and the football program," Collins said. "It shows that we are committed to football at the highest level and that we intend to be competitive for the foreseeable future. The current facility is behind in all the basic requirements for a Divison I-A football program. In this challenging college athletics landscape, this project creates a singular location where scholar-athletes have what they need to be successful."

T. Jay Collins played great football by making the right move at the right time. Now, he and many of our football alumni are investing in the future of our football program and the Scholar-Athlete Development Center, which anticipates our Rice Owls' athletic and academic needs. The next move is yours.

For more information on the football facility project, please contact David Biancamano, Director of Development, at 713-348-3561 or djb3@rice.edu.