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Dec. 8, 2010

Rice Director of Athletics Rick Greenspan welcomes your questions about Rice Athletic and will answer them online on a regular basis. If you'd like to submit a question in the future, please go to our online form and submit your question

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Why are there broken and bottomless chairback seats in the upper west stands which are reserved for donors and are premium seats? Also, will the upstairs restrooms ever be upgraded with better lights and plumbing?


We had received a quote in the $20,000-range to fix the seats and the decision was made not to put the repairs into the budget. It is my understanding that none of the seats in the upper deck that you reference that were assigned to season ticket holders were in disrepair. The seats and your inquiry about the restroom falls under a much larger issue relating to the need for some upgrading of the entire stadium complex infrastructure including the training facilities for our student-athletes. We have begun the process of working with campus facilities personnel and engineers to study the project to carefully understand and weigh our options.

Why does Rice not charge for parking at athletic events? It would be an added source of revenue that I think most will willingly pay.


We do have premium reserved parking in designated areas for donors to our Rice Annual Fund. We feel like we charge a fair price for our tickets and concession and when we begin to reach a point where our attendance numbers elevate, it will mean significant revenue for our program. We feel at this point, the fact that we do not charge for parking gives us a marketing advantage and makes it easier for people, especially families, to attend our games. Some of the feedback I have received is that it is very convenient to attend our games in that parking is ample and free. Again, as our attendance grows, this will become an issue that we will have to stay on top of.

In your previous institutions, how involved were you in the hiring and firing of assistant coaches and how involved will you be in the hiring and firing of coaching staffs?


Generally speaking, I rely on the head coach to make decisions relating to the composition of their staffs. When new hires are made, I am involved at the level of meeting them and using my network to learn what we can about potential candidates. It is the responsibility of the head coach to conduct performance reviews relating to the aspects of their duties as an assistant coach. The only time I will step in is when an assistant coach or any employee for that matter conducts themselves in a manner that is not consistent with department or University policies.

We received several questions relating to prospective student-athletes being interesting in being scouted by our baseball program.

Anyone interested in our baseball program should send their information to our Director of Baseball Operations Ms. Lee Ann Lassiter via email at leeann.lassiter@rice.eduand she will forward the information on to our coaching staff.

How do you go about scouting for new players?


Our coaching staffs from our perspective sports programs reach out to high schools and other forms of amateur athletic organizations (AAU, national team programs, etc.) to recruit perspective student-athletes. If you are interested in any of our programs, please go on our website and send an email to the appropriate head coach indicating your interest and information.



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