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Rachel Lopez

Oct. 26, 2007

When Rachel Lopez made her decision to come to Rice University four years ago, she knew she wanted eventually to pursue a career in business. With that in mind, she undertook a double major in economics and managerial studies.

Rice offered Rachel just the combination she was looking for: prestigious academics and Division I athletics.

She wanted to study and play volleyball,,oa lot. And that's exactly what she got: an academically stimulating environment where she spends 4 hours each afternoon playing volleyball.

"I love Rice. Everyone is so intelligent and interesting,,oI feel like I'm always learning something new." says the senior.

Rachel has found her niche in economics, a subject that she is very passionate for. "Econ is a framework that you can apply to every aspect of life. When I make decisions, I can feel myself formulating my thoughts into models I've learned in class. "

Rachel has found her place off the volleyball court. The summer after her sophomore year, Rachel worked as a Human Resource Assistant for Wulfsberg Electronics in her hometown, Prescott, Arizona where she designed and implemented file management systems.

The following summer, Rachel accepted another internship in Prescott, but this time for HOAMCO. She developed processes for managing the company's detailed job descriptions, training guides, and employee evaluation criteria and worked on special projects for the Chief Operating Officer. And last year, in hopes of staying in Houston, she underwent a lengthy interviewing process for several highly competitive internships.

"I practiced and practiced and practiced for those interviews." And her practice paid off! Rachel received not one, but several offers for the summer. She worked as an analyst for the investment bank Goldman Sachs. During her 90-hour weeks, she participated in a $6 billion corporate sell-side process.

Midway through the summer, Bain & Company of Dallas, which had offered Rachel an internship she had turned down, called her to see how her work was going.

"I took the internship with Goldman Sachs because I wanted to stay in Houston. And now I know now I don't want to be an analyst." Bain flew Rachel to Dallas for interviews and offered her an associate position with the company which she accepted.

"I'm really, really excited.¡¨ says Rachel. "I've always wanted to work for a top company like Bain." she exclaims. Bain was recently ranked as the #1 consulting firm in the nation for 2007. "I'm so lucky to have been offered that position in the middle of the summer. Normally, I'd have to go through the interview process with hundreds of people now, this Fall."

And furthermore, Bain Company will pay for Rachel to go to business school, an opportunity she will probably take in a few years.

What's clear is that Rachel Lopez has put her stamp on Rice University, and she is one of Tomorrow's Leaders.



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