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Robby Heos

Oct. 31, 2007

Rice senior offensive guard Robby Heos is very family-oriented.

"I had other offers to go to big name schools to play football, but I chose Rice because of the academics of course, but also to stay near my family," says Robby. And additionally, with his family being just 20 miles away from campus, they are able to attend all of his games at Rice.

"My younger brother has liver disease and had to get a liver transplant. He is part of the reason I am here at Rice. I wanted him to get to see me play football since he can't play himself," adds Robby. And it may be that Robby's brother has inspired him to pursue a career in the health field.

This spring, he will receive a degree in Kinesiology with a concentration in the Health Science program, where Robby has taken a number of courses in epidemiology like Global HIV/AIDS and Medical Sociology,,otwo of his favorites.

Last summer, Robby had an opportunity to put these subjects to work. He was an Intern in the Epidemiology Department of the Houston Department of Health and Human Services. He worked as a surveillance investigator, organizing and developing manuscripts on HIV observation in the Houston area. Robby also assisted in the implementation of HIV prevention programs across Houston.

And in his spare time, Robby is quite involved in community service projects. He has spent many hours during the summer coaching in football clinics for Houston inner city kids. "We teach them all kinds of football drills. Our team tries to get as many guys out there because just by exposing these kids to Rice and football, we can make a difference in their lives," says Robby. During the school year, Robby also serves on the Student-Athlete Awareness Committee (SAAC) where he works on establishing campus relations.

After he graduates this spring, Robby hopes to attend the University of Texas School of Public Health and would like to continue working for the Houston Health Department. "I want to be able to manage a hospital someday." says the senior offensive lineman, and based on what he has achieved so far, he is likely to achieve his goal.

Robby's devotion to service is extraordinary. He is one of Tomorrow's Leaders.



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