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Rebecca Lin

Oct. 19, 2007

After visiting Rice University on her tennis recruiting trip two years ago, Rebecca Lin knew Rice was the place for her. And, from her involvement on campus so far, it seems she was right.

Although she spends most of her hours studying and playing tennis, the varsity sophomore athlete is well known within her college, Hanzsen, as well as in committees across campus. Last August, Rebecca spent a week advising a group of incoming freshman during Orientation week, a job which she obtained because of her devotion to her dorm. She explains, "Advising got me more involved with Hanzsen. I got to meet all of the incoming freshmen and show them what Rice and athletics is all about."

Currently, Rebecca is a member of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) where she focuses her attention to the Community Service Sub-Committee, which organizes community service activities for Rice student-athletes and teams. The subcommittee also is responsible for getting Rice student-athletes to interact with neighborhoods around campus. Currently, Rebecca is assisting with Rice's Women's Athletic Advisory Board's annual Walk-a-thon scheduled for October 27th benefiting Women's Athletics at Rice.

Rebecca is waiting to declare her major because she is debating between three areas of study: economics, sports medicine, and political science. 'I'm really trying to take things at Rice as they come. I want to go into sports law eventually, but right now I'm taking classes that sound interesting to me, regardless of the subject.' She plans to double major in two of those three subjects, but is in no rush to decide so won't do so until the end of this academic year.

So far, Rebecca's favorite classes here at Rice have been Introduction to Comparative Politics with Dr. Ambler and a classics course, Roman Civilization and its Legacy. Academically, Rebecca finds Rice much more challenging than her high school in California, in part because of her demanding tennis schedule. "I had to become much more efficient when I got to Rice, which at first was difficult. But now, I'm used to working hard and it's not as tough to keep up with everything." It seems Rebecca hasn't missed a beat.

Speaking of a beat, last summer: Rebecca got to work with XX Sports Radio, the radio station for her hometown Major League Baseball team, the San Diego Padres. She gained experience in broadcasting and working a lot in promotions such as charity events or activities to raise money for the station. "I really enjoyed my experience because I want to work with a sports team someday." After graduation, Rebecca sees herself in either law school or business school, depending on which is best for her career in sports.

Rebecca's involvement within the Rice community and those surrounding the University makes her one of Tomorrow's Leaders.



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