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Christopher Douglas

Sept. 4, 2008

College football today is conducted at a frantic pace. Offenses today attack defenses with countless formations in rapid fire succession, designed to leave defenders gasping for breath and unable to prevent touchdowns.

Ironically, for Owl defensive back Christopher Douglas, his time spent on the field might be the most relaxed portion of his day.

The junior from Ft. Worth is a non-stop blur away from the field, combining his classroom work with a burning desire to impact the lives of as many others as possible.

"I'm always on the go" Douglas says. "I am a morning person and I don't need a lot of sleep. The only thing you can do while you sleep is dream. I want to be doing things, not dream about them. "

At any point in time, Douglas can be found working as a guide for prospective students to campus, tutoring in both Health & Science and Computer Science, volunteering at a local Boys & Girls Club, or organizing groups of student-athletes to visit Yellowstone Academy, a non-profit organization formed for the purpose of establishing high quality, faith-based private education for students from Houston's inner city.

"I came from an area in Ft. Worth where there were plenty of examples of the wrong decisions you can make, but I was lucky to have three older brothers, as well as a pair of mentors who showed me the right way," Douglas notes. "They kept us busy and avoided the down time where kids can get into trouble."

One of those activities was with a Boys & Girls Club in Ft. Worth. Thanks to his participation in the club, Douglas earned a scholarship to attend All Saints Episcopal High School, rather than the public high school in his area. Thanks to the education he received there, Douglas was qualified to consider Rice during his recruitment, something he doubts would have happened in a public school.

"I owe the Boys and Girls Clubs a lot for giving me that chance," he states. "That's why I am always there for them. No matter what kind of job I have, I will continue to give my time. In fact, my job with the club in Ft. Worth is always there for me when I go home. They count on me to come back, and I always do."

Maintaining such a dizzying pace requires organization, and Douglas is a master of his personal organizer, compiling contact information for everyone he meets. To further his networking skills, he participates in Management Leadership for Tomorrow, a national non-profit that develops the next generation of African American, Hispanic and Native American leaders in the business world.

"It's a great program, because I have made so many contacts that will help me in my future," Douglas says.

The future is something never far from his mind each day.

:There are two things I have control over, my attitude and my effort," Douglas notes. "It doesn't mater if it's in the classroom, in the public, or on the football field, I try to maximize every opportunity."

With his commitment to giving back and his focus on his future, Christopher Douglas truly represents the meaning of "Tomorrow's Leaders".



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