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Jordan Holloway

March 13, 2009

Last fall, Jordan Holloway, a sophomore from Sid Richardson College, parlayed hard work in practice to appear in 17 games, including three starts, for the Owls' soccer team.

With all of the effort and time that she puts into soccer, Holloway is left with little time for homework, but somehow still manages to not only make time for school in addition to community service.

Community service is very important to Holloway. She considers herself blessed to have been given the ability to succeed in soccer, have good health, and the opportunity to attend a school like Rice.

"It's definitely a way of giving back," Holloway said. "Last Christmas, we [the Rice soccer team] went to the Nehemiah Center downtown. It's a school for pre-kindergarten underprivileged inner city kids. We delivered presents to them, played with them and went through their daily routine with them."

Several of Holloway's soccer teammates join her to volunteer on a regular basis and find several chances to do so during the year.

"We went to Texas Children's Hospital last spring, and played with the children in the cancer ward," Holloway said. "I just love going there, and seeing them smile just for [us] being there. All you have to do is play with them and you get to see how happy they are to have someone there to play with them."

Holloway's passion for the sport makes her a very tough competitor. She averages just about 34 minutes a game.

"I feel like when I get in there I just do what they [the coaches] tell me to," Holloway said. "I just try to go in there and win the balls and just be a physical presence in there to help my team."

Holloway has just as much success in the classroom as she does on the field. She is a sports medicine major. In 2007 she made the Conference USA Academic Honor Roll. She is committed to helping out the community that she even brings community service into her schoolwork.

"In one of the classes that I'm taking right now [bioengineering and world health], I'm in this group where we are constructing a backpack of educational materials for women and young children in Guatemala and Botswana," Holloway said. "That's kind of another thing where we address health issues. I've really gravitated toward that kind of thing."

Holloway has been able to not only give back to the local community but she has made an impact worldwide by giving to those who are less fortunate. Her work in the classroom is both educational and charitable. After graduation, she plans on continuing her international volunteer work.

"This summer I want to apply for the internship from this project, to go to either Guatemala or Botswana and give the backpacks to them in person," Holloway said.

Holloway's commitment to helping out the community, internationally and nationally, along with her dedication to her school and soccer makes it clear that she is going to be one of Tomorrow's Leaders.



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