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Callie Wells

March 5, 2008

Middle distance star Callie Wells is known for being a dreamer and an enthusiast for life. Her beaming smile and optimism reveal a spirit that her classmates, teammates and coaches at Rice find contagious.

"I like that I am a little different from the typical Rice student. I am not as career driven and a little less practical. I take classes that I love, rather than requirements for grad school. I am very passionate about what I do." said Wells.

Her father graduated from Rice and was an All-American runner for the Owls, so she knew the campus well. But she took a short detour for a semester at Texas before settling in at Rice.

"I have loved being at Rice," said Wells, "and I am so glad I came here. The academic experience here has been invaluable-- I have had incredible professors and have been able to form relationships with them. I have been fortunate to have such a distinct balance as a student and an athlete."

Wells is also an avid traveler. She loves going to exotic places and exploring different cultures and ways of life.

"I like to see for myself every place I read about, to experience all that this world has to offer. I like to immerse myself in the lives of other people. Something about exploring their culture makes me come alive. When I walk down the streets of Moscow or Prague, my eyes are wide. It is exhilarating." said Wells.

Wells spent last summer in Santa Cruz, California working as a counselor at a Christian summer camp in the middle of the redwoods.

"I love nature, and at some point I would like to devote time and money to helping protect the environment. I want to get involved with IJM (International Justice Mission) sometime after college."

Wells enjoys interacting with children, and devotes a day each week to tutoring children and playing with them at the Nehemiah Center, located just a short distance from the Rice campus. She would like to spend this summer working with children as an intern for her church.

She plans to spend next fall studying in Budapest, before returning for her final semester in the spring, and also her last season of track.

"I am also fascinated by South Africa and from what I have learned in my history classes at Rice, their social history sounds fascinating. I would love to read South African literature and study there eventually." Wells said.

After graduation Wells would like to spend a year or two abroad. She would like to spend a year in Ecuador doing ministry with her church, then a year in Russia teaching English. "I'd like to eventually get involved in global missions---for Darfur, for AIDS, for hunger---in addition to the compassion ministries they have at my church in the Woodlands." said Wells."

Wells is destined to be one of Tomorrow's Leaders.



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