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Jenny Glover

Feb. 20, 2009

Jenny Glover might travel far in terms of the triple jump, but she made a much shorter trip when she moved from high school to college. But even though home was just around the corner, she has become a dedicated and active member of the campus community.

A graduate of Lamar High School in Houston, just a few miles from the Rice campus, Glover is a two-time NCAA Regional qualifier in her specialty and has provided points to the Owls' winning efforts at the Conference USA Championships. The triple jump is not for everyone, and requires attention to detail and practice that might dominate most students' free time.

But as much time and effort as it takes to commit to her sport, track and field is not the only commitment that she has made. Glover is an active member of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) and currently serves as the secretary. She coordinates their community service events as well as student-athlete events on campus.

Last year she was Rice's representative at the NCAA leadership conference. Each university around the country selects a student-athlete to attend the leadership conference and then is tasked to create an action plan for their campus.

"My action plan was to better the relationship between students and student athletes and I have been working the whole year to commit to my plan," she said.

One aspect of participation in sports that Glover values the most is sportsmanship and has been honored with the Arthur Ashe Jr. Sportsmanship Award.

"Its good to have sportsmanship because you get more respect when you respect others, being a great athlete is not all about talent but about compassion as well," she noted.

Glover is a pre-medical student majoring in Kinesiology with a focus on Health Sciences. She has assisted Dr. Janet Braam at Rice on research regarding calcium signaling on plants and is aiding in a study to see if children at Ketelsen Elementary School in Houston are effected cognitively with lead exposure.

These weighty topics would challenge any student, let alone one who also has her eyes set on jumping further and scoring more points for the Owls in the future.

"My day is pretty busy, I get up for class in the morning and then depending on the day I do my independent study as well as a few extracurricular things, then I have practice," Glover explained. "I usually try to get involved in as many SAAC opportunities as I can with any spare time I have left," she added.

With her compassion for being a great leader in her community and a knack for balancing a hectic schedule, Jenny Glover has shown the Rice community what it means to be one of Tomorrow's Leaders.



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