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George Chukwu

Feb. 20, 2007

On the field, George Chukwu is asked to fill a variety of roles for the Rice Owls, including stepping back from his position on the defensive line to play a little linebacker. While that might seem a little out of ordinary, variety and change are the kind of things that the senior from Houston lives for.

Chukwu is no stranger to his fellow members of Hanszen College, who know him as well for his involvement as they do for his tackle totals. Chukwu wouldn't have it any other way.

"You miss the boat if football is the only thing you do. I am a part of Hanzen College and try to go and meet other students as often as I can. You shouldn't have the "athlete" title first. You should be a student first and then an athlete. Everyone is the same here, we all work very hard. People spend the same amount of time in architecture studios, the music studios, in the labs, etc. We all put in a lot of work. I think the students and athletes are growing together, it is something that we have worked on since my freshman year," Chukwu noted.

At Fort Bend Bush High School, Chukwu first discovered a talent for editing videos and films, and he has nurtured the interest while at Rice.

"I have worked at the DMC (digital media center) for three semesters and have had the chance to help a bunch of students work on their films and videos for projects. I love editing films," he said. He will put that love on display later this spring when Hanszen hosts a film festival that will include several of his projects.

Chukwu has also found himself involved with several projects that will impact the future of Rice.

In January, he was part of the Search Committee for the Owls new football coach.

"I felt like one of the returning seniors should be on the committee. It needed to be someone who was going to be coming back, rather than someone who was leaving. I asked the questions I thought needed to be asked. I wasn't worried about asking them. It was important to find things out about the candidates and pick the best man, because he will be the future of Rice football" Chukwu stated.

He also is involved making calls to Rice alumni as part of the General Fund Campaign, which allows him to help raise the funds that will impact students for many years to come.

"It feels good to know that when you make a call and someone responds with a pledge, you are doing something that will make a difference for years to come," Chukwu said.

He is George Chukwu, #99 in the football program now, but truly one of Tomorrow's Leaders.



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