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Amy Halsey

Feb. 19, 2008

The academic diversity of Rice University appeals to swimmer Amy Halsey.

"I love analyzing the details of a Wordsworth poem one hour and then memorizing the metabolic pathways of biochemistry the next. I will earn a double degree in biochemistry and English because Rice supports the pursuit of diverse academic areas." said Halsey.

Halsey's favorite professor at Rice is English professor Terry Doody. "I am currently taking my third English class from him and I love it. I would recommend him to any student, whether or not they are an English major. He is fantastic." said Halsey.

Halsey has also been able to participate in activities such as choir that would not have been available for her to do at other, larger universities.

Like most athletes, Halsey chose Rice because of the excellent combination of academics and athletics that the university had to offer.

"I knew that I wanted to swim in college, but I didn't want to sacrifice my academics in order to perform on an athletically challenging level. Rice provided a perfect medium between the two. Also, it is close to home, which my parents love." said Halsey.

Halsey really enjoys working with children. Over the past two years, she has volunteered at Texas Children's Hospital in the BMT unit. She works for His Grace Foundation, a Christian organization that provides meals, babysitting, and comfort for the families of the BMT patients.

"I love children, so being able to babysit for the children in the unit is also very fun for me, and it gives the parents some time to relax. The organization is really incredible." said Halsey.

The last two summers, Halsey has worked as a swim coach for a summer camp in Katy, Texas. Again, her love for children made her experience particularly enjoyable.

"It was the classic summer job, but I do have a real passion with working with children and coaching also worked well with my training schedule for swimming." said Halsey.

This upcoming summer, she will be working as an intern in a legal contracts company.

"It will be an excellent opportunity for me to get some extra experience in the legal profession before attending law school in the fall." said Halsey.

After Halsey graduates this spring she and her family will travel to Italy, as her graduation present, before she heads off to law school in the fall. She plans on going to school in the Midwest, since she originally hails from Indiana.

"I miss the snow, so it will be nice to go somewhere that has actual seasons. Right now, I plan on pursuing a career in healthcare law." said Halsey.

She is one of Tomorrow's Leaders.



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