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Claire Shorall

Feb. 13, 2009

The purpose of the Tomorrow's Leader's series has been to highlight student-athletes who have accepted the challenges of their academics and their sport while also finding additional time to make a difference to greater the Rice community. Claire Shorall, a senior on the two-time C-USA Champion Rice Owls' Women's Track and Field team, truly defines the term.

Shorall is a leader in a variety of important groups around campus.

She is the President of Sid Richardson college - one of the nine residential colleges at Rice University. She is the only student-athlete to currently serve as the president of a college. Additionally, Shorall is the Director of the Student Admission Council and serves as the Head Senior Interviewer.

With classes in the mornings followed by practices in the afternoon, the obvious question to ask Shorall is where does she find the time for her additional duties?

"I tend to have meetings at night after practices and classes are over," Shorall said. "One of my roles is to serve as a liaison to the Rice administration and Student Association. Also, each college has its own government - it's my job to run this system effectively."

One thing is clear - Shorall is very active in the Rice community, helping to make Rice University a better campus as a whole.

"I like being active on both sides of campus - the athletic and academic sides," she said. "I've been incredibly fortunate to interact with some of the amazing students here along with the great student-athletes at Rice.

"I like to think of myself as a strong liaison between the Rice student-athletes and the students who do not participate in intercollegiate athletics. Unifying the two cultures of students is important for the growth of the university," she stated.

The senior has a strong say in what sort of students attend Rice University. As the head interviewer for the Student Admission Council, Shorall interacts with a good number of students from many different backgrounds as part of the process to determine who will comprise the newest additions to the Rice community..

As if her multiple commitments were not enough, Shorall has also thrown herself into an aggressive academic program, that has her on track to pick up both a BS in biochemistry and a BA in religious studies on graduation day.

With two new residential colleges coming in the fall of 2009 to the Rice community, someone was needed to help develop a personality for the new colleges while showing the new students part of Rice's culture. Shorall could not pass up the opportunity.

"I really love the residential college system. I want to see it succeed, which is a big reason why I am coordinating Orientation Week at Duncan [college] in August."

What will Shorall do with her leadership experience and her attitude towards bettering the community?

"After next year, I will be entering the Teach for America program. For two years I will teach high school biology to underprivileged students in the Bay Area in California. I am really looking forward to making a tangible difference and helping people succeed."

Shorall's leadership and devotion to the Rice community help shape what is ideal of a student-athlete and make her one of Tomorrow's Leaders.



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