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Kadie Riverin

Feb. 5, 2008

Kadie Riverin is on track to realize a childhood dream--to play basketball at the highest level.

From her early days in school, she has loved the game and worked hard to improve as a player. She came to Rice because she knew she would be playing on a good team with good coaches. But she also recognized that Rice offered her additional advantages that many schools did not: strong academic programs and a campus that Riverin describes in one word, "beautiful"

Now she is a senior nearing the end of a solid basketball career with the Owls and poised to graduate with a degree in sports medicine.

Riverin has been strongly committed to her sports medicine major, but she has also taken some great courses in other fields.

"My favorite teacher at Rice would have to be Ms. Tobin," Riverin says. "I had her for English 103 my freshman year. She is such a terrific lady and loves to keep up with the athletics here at Rice," Riverin said. "To this day she remembers my name and has cut out almost every picture I have had in the newspaper. The best part is she does this for everyone and somehow remembers everybody who has ever taken her class," she added.

In addition to classes and basketball, Riverin been part of the basketball team's outreach to the community.

"For the past couple of years we have had the opportunity to go read and play games with kids at Poe Elementary. The kids there are great and I always have a blast playing BINGO with them."

After Rice, Riverin wants to stay on the court. She is shooting for the WNBA, but believes that playing overseas would be nice as well.

"If I'm playing then I will be happy," she says. "I would also like to one day help my Canadian National team make it to the Olympics."

Then she would be very happy to have realized her childhood dream.

"When I'm all through with ball because my body can't take anymore I will probably end up somewhere back in Canada," Riverin predicted. "I'm leaning towards Vancouver, BC because my sister lives there now and it is such a beautiful place."

Wherever she goes in the years ahead, the same drive and determination that has served her so well during her time at Rice will no doubt inspire her to continued success off the court as one of Tomorrow's Leaders.



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