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Lacee Carmon

Jan. 22, 2008

Lacee Carmon likes to stay on the go. She is a member of the Rice University Track team, a double major, works two jobs, takes part in community service projects, and still finds time to interact with professors and friends.

"Rice has certainly fulfilled my expectations. In my mind a school is suppose to be challenging and Rice most definitely fits that description. My entire life has been `scheduled' so I'm used to going, going, going. And I love it." Carmon said.

Carmon is fascinated by the human body: how and why it works. And to understand how the body behaves both physically and mentally, Carmon is majoring in both kinesiology and psychology. One of her favorite kinesiology classes so far has been Human Anatomy with Dr. Sharp. And in psychology, she has taken three classes from Dr. Hebel.

Carmon is in the process of applying to graduate school and hoping to find a GA position in either track or basketball.

"I will be a college coach one day, and when that day comes I'll be the happiest girl alive. Knowing that I can influence someone's life everyday I go to work in an area I'm so incredibly passionate about is exciting." said Carmon.

Last summer, she interned with the Women's Nigerian National basketball team. She had to do a lot of the grunt work, but in the process made some great friends.

"Most of the girls were older than me, but they all respected me. The head coach would call me coach and I loved that." said Carmon.

She has also coached a girls AAU team as well as volunteered as an assistant coach with the Hightower High School girls track team last spring, where she says it was amazing to see the improvement that went on in her athletes.

"The girls used to call me Miss Coach Lacee', which was great. Some of the girls are now playing in college and continuing to excel. This experience is what sealed the deal on me wanting to coach."

With her desire and dedication, Carmon will be an exceptional coach. She is one of Tomorrow's Leaders.



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