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Traci Fraser

Jan. 15, 2008

Senior Traci Fraser isn't experiencing the uncertainty many of her classmates about their life after Rice. From the time she entered Rice, Fraser has known she would be move on to Baylor College of Medicine after completing her work at Rice.

As the Valedictorian of her high school class at St. Agnes Academy, she was admitted to the highly competitive joint Rice-Baylor program. But even with this assurance, Fraser hasn't slowed a bit in her academic pursuits.

Fraser chose to come to Rice because she impressed with the soccer program and thought Rice would prepare her for medical school. "I expected to be challenged, to work hard and to meet some incredible people. Rice has given me the opportunity to do both," she said.

Because Fraser is in the Rice/Baylor program, she doesn't need to have any serious jobs or internships. But you wouldn't know that from the range of her activities.

During the school year, she tutors Rice athletes in lower level math classes, and over the summer works in soccer camps at Rice. She said that through these experiences, she learned that she loves to teach, particularly explaining complex matters at a basic level--an important skill for a physician.

Fraser spent a month in Nicaragua last summer volunteering at a daycare center for of children ages 2-5 run by Mesioneras de Caridad, the order of nuns begun by Mother Teresa.

"The kids were adorable, and it was by far the best month of my life. I hope that I can volunteer in Central or South America after becoming a doctor," Fraser explained.

When she wasn't in Nicaragua, Fraser was volunteering at camps with the Rice's Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) where she had the privilege of sharing her faith with high school athletes, something she hopes to do again this summer.

Fraser is looking forward to her first year of medical school at Baylor college of Medicine.

"Although I have not chosen a particular field of medicine yet, I would like to do something that is applicable in the developing world and prepares me to address their unique health concerns. Baylor has a global health track, so I will probably get involved with that," said Fraser.

Regardless of what path she chooses, Fraser is sure to do great things in medicine. She is one of Tomorrow's Leaders.



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