CUSA Football Championship game Here's your chance to join with other Rice fans and wish the Owls good luck in the C-USA Championship Game on Saturday.

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Walt (Missouri City): So fired up for this game! We know you will finish this off in great fashion.

Jim Keller, Tx: Plan to make some noise this Saturday at CUSA championship game. Win! Go Owls!

Will (Bellaire): Take it home!

Alberto (Miami, FL): Been waiting a long time for this. Visualize, believe, execute. Play with confidence and have fun in front of your fans. Good luck Owls!!!

Wanda,Tampa,Fl.: Good luck to the Rice Owls in their game on Saturday.I know you will win.

Julie B-G (Fort Worth): Sooo proud of Paul Porras and his fantastic season as well as all the Owls. Wish I could be there to cheer him on... but Lauren will be loud and proud for us both! ONE MORE 'W'! Goooooo Owls!!!

College Station, TX: We are so stoked for y'all!!!!! What a ride! Your Owl Nation is ecstatic! Beastmode, boys!!!! Fear the Owl! 💙Owls🏉

Richard, Houston: Go Owls! I have been a fan since I was a kid and have loved the ride this year.

Sean (Houston): See y'all at Rice Stadium on Saturday! RICE FIGHT NEVER DIE!

Derek '97-'02 (Greenville, SC): Go OWLS. A lot of former players are proud of you. This championship is a celebration for all former players. Don't Stop, Finish the mission!

Paul Alexander Corpus Christi: I have loved my Owls since I was three. I was three in 1957, when the Owls won their last outright conference championship, and I remember it clearly. Can't wait to savor the championship my guys are gonna claim Saturday. I so want to see their incredible hard work and commitment rewarded. David Bailiff is the goods...a man who walks the walk. Rice Stadium is...literally....my favorite building on Earth. I refer to it as TWMB&ES (The World's Most Beautiful and Elegant Structure). My beautiful wife, Jo, had (successful) hip replacement surgery yesterday, or we would be in attendance Saturday. As it is, we'll be glued to the tv for every snap, and our Owls flag will fly proudly on our front deck. Make your mark. Do it, fellas. Do it.

Betty, Houston: I am so excited about this game! I will be there cheering you on. Go Rice!

The Barry's ; Sugar Land: So proud of what this team has accomplished this year! We'll be there on Saturday cheering you on to VICTORY!!! Let's do this!!! GO OWLS!!

Ann (Houston): I will be there cheering you on. Let's get the championship!!

Kevin (New York): Fight on! #FeartheOwl #FearALLtheOwls Time to cull the herd!

Shehni (Houston): Go Rice Owls! You make us so proud. RICE FIGHT NEVER DIE!

Ricky (Houston): I'm ready to stand, cheer, and drink more beer on Saturday! Go Owls!!

Brandon (Houston): Proud of you guys! Now go get that trophy! #FearTheOwl

Steve, ( Austin ): Look out Big 12, RICE is on their way!! Great job OWLS.

Justin (Pearland): GO OWLS! GOOD LUCK! WIN IT!! #FeartheOwl

Oscar (Katy, TX): I'm proud of all these boys. Excited to see my first Rice game at Rice Stadium in December since 1995!!

barbara farley: You guys are the BEST! Now go and win this game! GO OWLS!

Caroline (Philly): Let's go Rice! Cheering you on from Philly!

Roberta Anding Houston: Fuel up, hydrate and dominate. So proud of the Rice Owl football team

Shann '08 (Lausanne, Switzerland): Though I am no longer just one Southwest flight away from all of our games, I will be pulling for you in spirit! BRING BACK THAT TITLE!!! To Rice Be True!

Heng (Houston): Started from the bottom now we here! Go owls!

Mike Yeakel (Houston): Historic season - Super proud of you guys! Crush Marshall!

Walt (Chicago): Biggest game at HRS in decades thanks to your hard work and perserverence. Bring the championship home!

Phil (Falls Church, Va.): The football team has definitely improved since my days at Rice in the 1960s. I'm looking forward to watching the game on TV. Show those dudes from Marshall that Rice fight never dies!

stanley(Burton): BOOOOOH-YAAAAAAAAAAA cant wait to see you guys kick some BOOTYYYYYY

June Keller,Tx: I may be a preacher's wife--but "NO MERCY"!!!!!! Win the championship!!!!

Houston Tx: It has been our pleasure to watch Jordan Taylor as a Denison Yellowjacket and now as a Rice Owl. We are so proud to be witnessing this exciting time in Owl History! Good luck guys!

Cartwright (Dallas): Go get 'em Taylor and Trevor-I'll tell Britton to get over there and cheer you guys on!

Hance (Dallas): Let's go Owls. Looking forward to a big win.

Marianne Head (Humble): Go get 'em boys!!!

Denison Tx: Fight on Owls! Fans Be Loud & Proud! Especially on 3rd Downs when our defense is on the field! Let's finish this!

Nick (TX): Go Owls! Can't be there to cheer you on, but I've been blown away by your success this season.

Canton, Ohio: Lets go Owls! Can not wait to watch you guys. Go get em.

Carter (Katy): the Trophy Stays In Houston. GoOwls.Blue Bloods Football

Drew (Richardson): Hoo hoo-hoo, hooo, hoooo! We give a hoot! Keep on playing great football! Proud to be an Owl!

Ray Sylvester: Houston is blessed to have Rice in its midst. Your efforts are an example of the excellence that such an institution can bring to a community. Thank you for your hard work and dedication. GO OWLS!

Virginia (Houston): Our household will be root-hoot-hooing for the Owls. GO RICE OWLS!

Jane (Houston): Go Owls! Cheering for Rice in a big win on Saturday!

D. A. (Pearland): Strong D and no turnovers = VICTORY!!!!

David (San Antonio): Will be there to cheer you on. Go Owls!

Susan Wilganowski: Good Luck ! Rice Defense is awesome! Let's finish this!

Miriam, The Woodlands: Gooooo RICE 👍🙏🎉

Ryn (Houston): You've represented Rice, thrilled your fans, honored your coach... Now it's time to go get the championship for yourselves! GO RICE OWLS!

Miriam, The Woodlands: Gooooo RICE 👍🙏🎉

jsetliff/HOUSTON: Great season guys. Wish I could be at the game.....but, make Houston PROUD!!!!!

Bob and DeeJo (Kansas City): Finish strong Owls!!! Momma wants to go to Memphis.

Norm: Go Rice. Congratulations on a great season. Good Luck Saturday and in the Bowl game.

San Antonio: Make it happen war birds!

Danny (Houston): It's your time to shine!!! Go Owls!

Bobby VB (Houston): I have never been prouder to be a Rice football alumnus. You guys have played tough this year and showed doubters that you have what it takes to win. You go into the CUSA championship as underdogs at home, and I wouldn't prefer it any other way. Silence the doubters once again! Rice Fight, Never Die!

Greg & Carrie (Las Vegas): Let's go OWLS!

George, Mexia, Tx: My dad played the base drum on the 1936 version of the MOB. He would be very proud of this 2013 version of the Rice Owls. Go Owls !

Kim R. (Houston): So proud of you! What a season!

Roderick & Sara Jackson Harris: No Mercy Owls, Let go get that 2nd Ring, Ring Time!!!!

Alison, South Padre Island: We are so proud of you, keep it up! Go Owls !!! I'll be there cheering you on!

Janet (Houston): Goooooooo OWLS!!!!! Yay!

Larry (Conroe): Hard Work,Dedication,Perseverance - "Finish It" - Go Owls!

Kevin (Sapulpa, OK): I'll be cheering for Rice from snowed-in Oklahoma. My family looks forward to attending Liberty Bowl. Go Owls!

houston: Go get 'em...Run score, Pass score, and hold 'em defense.

W Burke Cabaniss (San Antonio): We're all proud of what you have done. Give 100% one more time for a top record book season.

Amy(Richmond): So excited for Coach Bailiff and the team for all they have accomplished this year. We'll be cheering you on from the stands. GO OWLS ! ! !

Bryan: We are all very proud of this team. GO OWLS!

Houston - Colemans: Time for a championship - go Owls !

RLF (Houston): Been @ Rice a long time! Gonna see a championship before I retire! GO OWLS!!!

Deron (Austin): You can find inspiration from others, but determination belongs solely to each of you! Don't be denied. Carry the flag for all those that came before you and yourself! Go Owls!

KJ (Houston): Rice Fight Never Dies!

Dana (Houston): Go Owls! What a season!

James (Houston): Go Owls!! Round up the Herd!!

Bryan Guido Hassin: Let's make history, boys! Go, go, goooooo Rice!

Glen & Joannie, Tiki Island: Proud of all of you. Beat the Herd!

Glen & Joannie, Tiki Island: Proud of all of you. Beat the Herd!

Tammy (Chicago): Wish we could be there for the big game, but we will be cheering you on from the Windy City!

Dr. D., in Dallas hoping to make it back: True success is not only I the journey, but in reaching the destination! The '57 team is the first Rice team I really remember. Take care of business tomorrow and put your names right up there next to theirs. Go Owls!!!!!

Dwards: Congrats on strong season and best of luck against Marshall! Secant, tangent, cosine, sine. 3.14159 Rice, Rice, Rice!

Da.Owl: Let's show Marshall some of that old Rice Fight Never Die spirit Saturday. See you in Memphis at year end ! ! !

Houston: Go Owls! Believe and it will happen!

Donald (Houston): Kick butt this weekend! Owl Pride!

Katy Tx: Congratulations for a great year. Good luck on Saturday. You are already houston proud. Stay strong. Lets win Saturday. Goooo Owls go.

Katy Tx: Congratulations on a great season. Lets win it all Saturday. You have made Houston proud. Stay strong. Good Luck. Lets win.

Erik (Kansas): Good luck to Rice, bring home that Conference USA Title!! Go Owls!!

Kwiatkowski's (SUGAR LAND): Wishing yo a Big win!!! Can't be there to watch but will be rooting for you all the way. GO OWLS!!

Rocky (Houston): I'll be there on wheels to cheer our Owls to a Championship. Been a fan over 60 years.

Joe and Joyce: Cheering you on from Green Bay. GO OWLS!!

Mack Arnold: Get some Marshall Owls!!!!!

Loyalowl: Lets win a big one and force the media to pay attention. Good luck Owls

Sharifis (Orlando): We will be cheering from Florida!! Go Owls!

Tom (Hou): Luv ya, blue and gray!

Debbie (Houston): So proud of you guys! Houston's best football team!! An amazing year now go bring it home with a Championship! GO OWLS!!!

Michael Tyler McGinnis: I am 10 years old and so fired up for the Owls. I will be at Rice Stadium tomorrow---come on out and lets give Marshall a cold send off. GO OWLS !!!!!!

Jacque (Pearland): I will be there along with many old War Owls to cheer on our Team. LET'S GO RICE!!! LET's GO RICE!!! LET'S GO RICE!!!

Tracy & Mark (Houston): Go Rice Owls! Love you!

Manny '03 (Houston): Got Get'em Boys! So proud of this team. They have something to be happy about and point to as a point of pride for Rice athletics. Looking forward to another great Owl victory. RICE FIGHT, NEVER DIE!

Holly, Conroe: GO OWLS, GO OWLS, GO OWLS!!! Bring home that championship trophy!!!

The Watkins Family (Keller TX): Savor every minute tomorrow! We are all SO proud of your hard work, perseverance, and for being such good role models! So proud of our coaches! Good luck!! GO RICE OWLS!

Jamie '93 (Houston): Good luck Owls, very proud of you! We will be there tomorrow to cheer you on!

Carrie & Greg, Nevada: Go Owls!

John (Pearland): Play hard and bring home the championship.

Simon (Baytown): Been long enough... let's do this thing tomorrow. Beat Marshall

Stephen (Houston): Love to see who is sitting home watching today while the Owls are playing....let's give them a great show.

Mark (Omaha): Loved the Owls from all the visits for CWS... So great to see the football team doing so well

Bobby (Lake Charles): Nothing better than to be playing for a championship, other than to win it! GO OWLS

Pat (Spring): Houston needs a championship, no better team to bring it to the city than the Owls.

Art (Brookshire): Cold? What cold? It's gonna be cooking at Rice Stadium tomorrow. Rice Fight!

Mark (Missouri City): Congrats on a great season so far. Keep it going today. I'll be there.

Brent (Houston)): Go Rice!

Kylie (Stillwater): Cheering from MN, can't wait to see your games next year as a Rice freshman! Beat Marshall!!!

The Hills (Plano): So proud of the Rice Owls! Go and get your championship!

Fuhrman's (Lansing MIchigan): So proud of our Rice Owls this season! Can't wait to get to Memphis.
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