Wayne Graham College Baseball Hall of Fame Congratulations Page Wayne Graham College Baseball Hall of Fame

Legendary Rice baseball coach Wayne Graham was inducted into the College Baseball Hall of Fame on Saturday, June 30.

Please take a moment to read through some of the comments from Owls fans who contributed to this page.

Paul (Missouri City): So proud to be a Rice Owl! Mad props to you always.

Barry (Chappaqua, NY): Thanks to you for making me a REAL Owls fan! Congratulations.

Bret Kimmel (Houston): I was at Rice when you first took over the team. Since then you have made baseball at Rice not only a first class org, but a LOT of fun to watch.Thx!

Betty (Houston): Congratulations on a much deserved honor!

Guy (Wimberley): Coach, I'm a big fan. You've given me a lot of enjoyment over the years. I look forward to next year (and the next...).

Randy (Dallas): It wasn't a true Hall of Fame without you Coach, but I hope they leave room on your plaque for all the wins yet to come!

Sean Broderick '85-'89 (Lodi, CA): Congrats to Coach Graham and his commitment to excellence "on and off the field". All former Rice players are proud that you represent the program.

Bryan Domning (Houston): Wayne Graham = Class Act. The Owls faithful are privileged to continue to enjoy a front row seat to a great career. Congratulations! GO OWLS!

Al (Houston): You bring a sense of accomplishment to Rice and Houston. You represent the most successful sports events in the city. We sit just over the dugout.

Scott (Houston): Congratulations, Coach! This is a well-deserved honor. You not only win, but you and the team win with class and character. Proud to be a Rice Owl!

Alex Johnson (Houston): They've never had a better choice as an inductee. Love watching the team on our season tickets! Go Owls

Jeffrey (Washington DC): Coach, congratulations on a richly deserved honor. All Rice fans can be inspired by your achievements, your integrity, and your dedication.

Wharton: What a well deserved honor!!! Thanks for all the years of wonderful baseball memories, successes, and many a pleasant hour spent watching Rice play.

David Houser (Dallas): Coach, muchly deserved and long time coming! Thank you for the class that you have brought to the Rice Baseball program. You make us all very proud.

judy ley allen (houston): Wendel, from heaven, Audrey and I all applaud your fine work in building great student-athletes! You are truly "the best".

Bill (Houston): Well deserved! Here's to twenty more winning seasons with the Owls.

Bruce Baker Houston: I've been coming since 1992 and gotten to know Omaha pretty well because of you. Thanks for all you have done for Rice baseball.

Julia (Bellaire): Been a Wayne Graham fan since the San Jac era. There is no one more deserving of this HOF honor. Congrats Wayne!

George Wagner (Tomball): Congratulations on a well deserved and overdue honor! Thank-you for all you have done for Rice Baseball and Rice University.

Sandra Bryant (Houston): Congratulations Coach Graham! You have brought us wonderful memories of seeing the Rice Owls win a National Championship.

tulsa, ok: Had the pleasure of meeting you at a Rice dinner at River Oaks and I played football way back when. I am now 76 and nice for us ole guys to get out due awards.

Anne and Bob Baillio (Houston): Thank you for all you have done for our boys -- on and off the field. You have helped raise young gentlemen as well as great baseball players.

Brian (St. Paul, MN): You represent all that is still "right" with college sports. I'm a distant admirer of your program - love Rice Owls baseball. Congrats!

Howard '69 Seguin, TX: I was gone before you got to Rice but can still appreciate your talent, integrity, reputation, respect of your teams, and your character. I was at Rosenblatt in 2003, wish that I could have played on your team. Well deserved recognition, Congratulations.

Al and Judy (Kingwood): Whenver I see young players wearing Rice hats, it makes us proud. That might be the most imprssive thing of all, the fact that Rice baseball carries such clout with new generations of fans.

Greg (Pearland): When I was looking for a pitching coach to give my son lessons, the clincher was when I found one who had played for you. You could tell he was someone who knew the game, and wanted my son to learn it the right way. Thank you from every parent whose son or daughter has received some of what you have taught your players passed on to them.

Charles Hart [Houston]: Thanks for all the years of RICE OWLS Baseball excitement and pride!! And here's to many MORE!! Congrats to you as a great source of RICE PRIDE!!

WaltG (Chicago): Congratulations, Coach, on a well-deserved and long-overdue honor. No one has meant more to Rice University over the past 50 years than you...and your impact has extended well beyond the baaeball field.

Andy (Scottsdale, AZ): Jess Neely defined what it meant to coach and succeed at Rice in the first half century, and Wayne Graham has done the same over the last 50 years...and many more Coach!

Nancy Burch (Houston): Congratulations on a well-deserved honor.

Michael Grace ('86-'89/Stafford): Congrats Coach...Your demand for excellence is greatly admired by people inside and outside of this great game. You are the best at what you do and your dedication to the game and your players shows on and off the field. Go get another banner!

Ronnie Graham - Santa Fe: I've followed your baseball career since you were 8 years old. No one has been more dedicated or deserves this honor more than you. Congratulations!

Mary Jane and Hugh (Houston): What fun we have had watching your teams all these years! We appreciate all you've done for Rice and are pleased to see you honored for your success.

Mitch (Houston): Congrats Coach Graham!It would not be the College Baseball Hall of Fame if you are not there!

Arlyn & Mary C. (Austin): Congratulations Coach and congratulations to the Rice Owls!!!!

John Wolda: Congrats,Wayne. I have always said. "Wayne is one of the greatest competitors I've known and I've known him for 60 years"

Carrie & JN, Houston: What a class act man you are Coach. Thanks for all of the memories! We're looking forward to many more to come. Congratulations!

Bob Reinhold: Rice baseball was an afterthought before you arrived. Thanks for many fun seasons.

Joyce (Green Bay): Proud to be a Rice alum. Congratulations on a well-deserved honor. We love watching you from Wisconsin.

Kathy (Omaha): Congratulations Coach Graham! We loved watching our Rice Owls in the College World Series!

Bill (Fairfax,VA): It was an honor to have met you and the national championship team. I can see why your teams love to play for you. Congrats on the Hall of Fame!

Bob Gardner (Houston): Congratulations on a fabulous career and many thanks for the rise of Rice baseball. Keep up the good work as long as you wish.

Billy Hale: Wayne, you have indeed made us proud. The biggest victory we ever had over UT was accepting your application to become our Hall of Fame baseball coach. Congratulations for a well deserved honor!

John Baird (Houaton): Pride and Rice have always gone together, but your induction into the Hall of Fame is my proudest moment since 2003.

Jim (Houston): Congratulations, Coach. You have made baseball season at Rice the best part of every year. As you have said, life begins on opening day.

Richard: Congratulations! It's long overdue. Every year your coaching has set the standard for Rice athletics to achieve.

Cheri Simmons (Porter): Congratulations to a long career of baseball and a memorable one for you.

Jay (Houston): Coach Graham, you made me proud to wear my Owl Club hat in Australia in 2003, and lots of other places since. Congratulations on your inducton!

Froggy Williams (Houston): Taking Rice Owl baseball from the bottom when you arrived to a National Championship is without doubt the work of coaching genius. Great work, Wayne

Williams (Houston): How do we get to give a message to Wayne?--- you did it right here by submitting your message

Sandy and Dan Benak: We are so proud to have been here to watch it all. You have created quite a legacy. Our heartfelt thanks, Coach.

Molly (Alvin): Congratulations Coach!!!

Jim and Tanya Emmons: Congratulations, Coach Graham! We are very proud of you and the amazing things you've done for Rice.

Mark and Sandy Langwell (College Station: Coach Graham, thank you for teaching our young men the "right" way, and congratulations on your well-deserved induction into the College Baseball Hall of Fame.

Tommy LaVergne: Coach--Congratulations! Photographing Rice Baseball is the very best part of my job. I'm proud of you and proud to be a Rice Owl!

Frankie B: Coach Graham! Congratulations! Thank You for making us Proud to be Rice Owl Baseball Fans! Molto Bene!!!!!!!

Kubitza Family, Colleyville Texas: Congratulations Coach Graham!

Jeffrey D. Ryan (Houston): Wayne, congratulations on this well deserved recognition, and for making Rice Baseball the most admired, most successful program in Division 1.

Gloria Tarpley, President, ARA: Coach Graham, on behalf of the entire Association of Rice Alumni I want to send our most joyful congratulations to you for this well-deserved honor!

e mills Sugar Land: A well deserved honor to a great coach,congrats coach graham.

Kim (Houston): Congratulations, Coach! You are the very best in college baseball and no one else is more deserving of the honor!

Ray Bellevue,NE: Coach Graham, Thank you for ALL the years of exceptional baseball and for the lives you have positively inspired. You are so deserving of this prestigious honor/award, Congratulations!

Steve (Houston): Congratulations, Coach! The best is yet to come!

Nancy S (Houston): Congratulations on your well-deserved induction into the College Baseball Hall of Fame and for the respect that you have brought to the Rice baseball program.

Paul Timme , Tyler: Having been a couple of years behind you @ Reagan High School I didn't have the pleasure of knowing you but everything I heard about you made me wish I had the pleasure of meeting you. Congratulations on you success as a coach and a mentor of many players and fans.

Don Williams,Texarkana,TX: I have had the pleasure of meeting you twice while in Houston for a Rice game and it was an honor indeed.You are one class act.

Natalye Appel and John Casbarian Houston: Congratulations Coach Graham! We will be cheering for you in Lubbock!

The Ewing's,Lee,Doreen,&Skyler(Houston): Dear Coach Graham, what a wonderful legacy you are leaving for the Rice Nation! We are so very proud of you! Skyler is honored to play Rice Baseball!

Greg H (Houston): Congratulations coach, and thank you for all that you have done for Rice.

Kent Rowald: Congrats Coach! It may have been a long time coming, but it is a well deserved honor for you! Here's to many more years with you at Rice!

Wes and Barbara Morris (Houston): Congratulations, Coach! We've enjoyed following the Rice teams over the years.Thanks again for speaking at Hanszen College while we were Masters.

David Gibbs (Houston): Wayne, you are a treasure for Rice University and the game of baseball. Thanks and congratulations!

Chip Matthews (Montgomery): Congratulations. I don't know of any other coach in any other sport at any level who has made such a night-to-day change in a program.

Michael (Orlando FL): Well deserved for so many reasons. Perhaps most for the life lessons you were able to impart to the young men under your charge.

Huntley Tarrant (Austin): There's no one that could ever deserve this more. Thank you for doing everything you've done - and in a fashion of which every Rice alum can be proud!

Houston: One of the greatest pleasures of moving to Houston 8 years ago is becoming a season ticket holder of Rice Baseball and watching Coach Graham lead the Owls,Congratulations Coach Graham

John Morrow-Houston: Well deserved Wayne. We are very proud of your career at Rice.

George Webb: There may not be any other baseball coach in history who has had a more decisive impact on his university as a whole than Coach Graham has had at Rice. Without Coach Graham and his accomplishments, Rice would be a different and qualitatively smaller school. Our debt to him is immense. Thank you for pursuing, upholding and exemplifying the very best of college athletics.

Fred Miranda (Houston)Grea: Great luck to on this well deserved honor. Let's get back to Omaha in 2013. A royal Owl fan.

Dr. D.: Coach, Congratulations to a great coach for being recognized to his years of excellence! Already looking forward to Fall Ball.

Paul Dishman (Houston): Congrats to you Coach. I was so lucky to play for you and every time I see another honor, I am filled with pride. We love you Wayne & Tanya.

Bill Eiland(Albany, NY): Congratulations from one Reagan High grad to another.

Bonnie: Congrats Coach Graham! You deserve it! Thanks for all the years of amazing baseball! Omaha 2013!

Bo Johnson (McKinney, Tx): Congrats Coach, well deserved! You have taken many boys and turned them into men. Yes, you taught us baseball, but mostly you taught us life!

The Prengle Family, Dallas, TX: Congratulations Coach Graham! GO OWLS!!

Wayne Hanson(Baytown): Congratulations on your induction into the College Baseball Hall of Fame. It is well deserved. Nancy and I really appreciate all you have done for Rice athletics and the players you have coached.

Doug Nicholson: Coach, From Reagan to Rice you have always been a first class person and coach. Casey would be proud. Thanks for making Rice proud!!

Mason Family: Congratualtions Coach Graham! We are very proud and honored that our son has the chance to learn from you and play for you! Thanks Coach- Connor

Suwanee, Ga: Congratualtions Coach Graham. We are very proud and honored that our son has the chance to learn from you and play for you! Congrats Coach - Connor

Loyd (Houston): Congratulations to Wayne and Tanya. Nobody deserves this honor more than you do. Both of you are wonderful parts of Rice University and college baseball. Thanks for all you do.

Antoinette (Houston): Thanks Coach Graham for all you have done for Rice University. My favorite memory was being in Omaha to witness your run to the National Championship!

Chuck (Bangkok): Congratualtions Coach! A well deserved and hard earned recognition. Your service and dedication to the Rice Owl program and your players epitomizes what it is to be a Rice Owl!

Angela (Los Angeles): A much deserved honor. Congratulations Coach Graham. The way your players speak about you, even years later, is a testament to you.

Cameron Cash (Houston): I will always remember how much you influenced me not only in how to become a better player but how to become a better man

Joe Durrenberger(L.A.): Congratulations to an old Heights Bulldog.Well deserved

Joe Racina (Houston): Congratulations Coach! My senior year was your 1st year with Rice and I could tell then that you were going to make great things happen for Rice. A funny memory...after a game that we didn't play very well in, you were lecturing us in the dug out in shall we say an authoritative manner. Near the end you threw a bat down to emphasize your point and never flenched. The next day we found out that you broke your toe! Ahh the good old days! Keep it up!!

Dan Shedd (San Marcos Tx): Congratulations Coach! You've definitely deserved it!!!! Thank you for making Rice your home all these years!

Murphy Family (Shreveport, LA): Congratulations Coach Graham! Well deserved. We wish you continued success. We are so glad Andrew has the opportunity to play for you and the Owl Family.

Roger & Bobbi (Satellite Bch. FL): Congratulations Coach Graham! We will always be grateful to the opportunity you gave our son. It was an excellent experience because of the standards you set.