Rice in the College World Series

Owls Fans Congratulate the team

The Rice Owls had a memorable 2007 season and Rice fans took a moment to send the team congratulations and best wishes while they were in Omaha competing in the College World Series. Here' s a look at what they had to say.

Allen (Bellaire): Way to go guys. Don't let your undefeated post season end here. Congrats also to those of you who will be leaving us next year for pro ball.

Glynn Hampton Denton, Texas: Go prove the critics wrong. Leave NO Doubt in Omaha!!!! You got the pitching and the defense. That is all you need. Good Luck!!! Go Owls!!!

Jim Wright '72 (Houston): You guys make us old farts so damn proud. In our day we were whipping boys for the Horns and Aggies, and now you're getting our revenge. Best of luck in Omaha.

Orlando, Florida: Way to go, Owls! 5-0, five more to go! The Central Florida Rice Alumni Association looks forward to raising a glass or six in your honor as you advance. GO RICE!!!

Grady Smith (Baton Rouge): Congratulations and may you have the best of luck while taking the big prize... I followed every Rice game (Pam - Joe's mom - is my first cousin) and after watching LSU play for the last two decades, I was really happy to see a group of talented guys who believe in themselves as individuals, grow into believing in themselves as a team... teams are a little rarer than you might think and, oh yea, have fun... you'll score more and they'll score less Grady

Brooke (Dallas): Congratulations!! I wish I could be there to cheer ya'll on! Make us all proud!

Chris (Porto Alegre, Brazil): Great job guys, congrats! Thanks to KTRU internet feed and Gametracker I've been able to root along during a lot of the games this year, even from this far away. Enjoy the trip to Omaha, I'm sure it's a memory you'll always cherish.

houston: congrats guys,lets go all the way

Huntley (Austin): We're all so proud of you guys - there's no more deserving and respectable team out there! Good luck in Omaha!

Kevin Dearmon Laurel Mississippi: SOUTHERN MISS FANS SAY GO RICE!!!! WE WILL BE ROOTING FOR YOU!!! GO C-USA!!!!!!!!!

houston: I feel so happy and so lucky that I am a graduate student at RICE, so prould to be owls, just because of all of u!


Craig (Houston): Great Job, Owls! Keep up the good work and bring home another ring! Craig TFW '94

Don and Alex Waterman (Houston): Go Owls! My son, Alex, and I are HUGE fans. I wish we could go to Omaha with you, but we simply can't make the trip. We WILL be there in spirit and we will watch you on TV. No matter what happens in Omaha, we are already VERY proud of you. Not only for being great baseball players, but for being great representatives of Rice University. We always have a wonderful time when we come to the games and we are proud of image you present to the rest of the world. Go Owls!

Kenner, LA: Thank you for all the excitement! The only thing sweeter than beating the aggies twice to go to Omaha, is the anticipation of your triumph(s) in the CWS! God bless you boys! You give a middle-aged man (trapped in a dead-end job) something to get excited about. - MPH

Kyle Stephenson & fam. (Spartanburg, SC): Way to go OWLS!!! Our entire family is pulling for you to win another championship. Since we live half the country away from Houston, we have listen to your games via KTRU internet broadcast. Even my 7 year son is a huge Owls baseball fan. Even though we won't be able to get to Omaha, know that you have some big fans in South Carolina that root for the Owls, not the Gamecocks. Your biggest fan here is my father, who graduated from Rice in 1964 (PhD Chemistry). Congratulations on another great baseball season. Finish strong and best of luck on another NCAA Championship. Go OWLS!!!

Roger E. Tower: Way to go Owls on a great season and being the Houston Regional and Super-Regional champs. Keep up the good playing. Go Owls. Roger "Statsman" Tower

Patricia (Baton Rouge): Hi, Guys! Good work on your successful season and straight wins in the post-season. I'm sorry the C-USA tournament wasn't at Tulane; I had hoped to watch your games. Go all the way in Omaha!

Nacogdoches, TX: From the relatives of Aaron Luna...Go Owls! JR.

Walker Berry - Fort Worth: Outstanding job! My dad and I are TCU fans and made it down to watch the Regional series. In seeing your competition, if you continue to play the defense that you all are, the national championship is yours. Although I am a Frog fan, you have another fan in Fort Worth.

Houston: 2007 Rice Baseball team - the BEST

Santa Fe, NM: We'll be with the Owls in mind and spirit. Let's Go Owls! Rice Professor June Ferrill George Jones

Ethan (Moline, IL): I am going to Omaha to watch the College World Series and play in a baseball tournament, and my team is going to watch you play Louisville and I bet my baseball caoch $100 that you would win.

D (H-Town): You guys are beastly sweet.

Robert Floyd (Alexandria, VA): Good luck. I'll be there rooting for you.

Lance Traver (Aiken, SC): I graduated from Rice in 82. I have followed the baseball team on the web for the last seven years. I love it when you make it to Omaha and I can see the games on TV. You are part of a great baseball tradition and have helped promote the excellent reputation and legacy that Rice has. Keep up the good work. You are great ambassadors for the school and I wish you all the best in Omaha. Go Owls.

Joe Kimmel (Houston): It has been special following you guys all year long, especially the win over Texas and sweeping Texas A&M in the Super Regional. We are looking forward to being with you in Omaha and watching you show the rest of college baseball what a great bunch of competitors you are. GO OWLS!

AJ Porfirio (Nashville): Congrats Owls! Take the championship home to Houston!

Peter Lindskoog(Aberdeen,NC): Way to go guys! Congrats Wayne and staff! "Shepherd School Grad student 1997"

Henry Johnson, Los Angeles: Best of luck ! I played baseball at Rice from 78-82 and watched the Regionals in person. Keep up the great work and finish that "unfinished business" in Omaha !! Go Rice ! I'm very proud of you guys !!!

Kim Noland (Dallas): Congratulations on a great season! Keep up the intensity and focus in Omaha and great things will happen for you there. You are a great source of pride for the university and alums.

Mark from Larchmont, NY: Good Luck to Coach Graham and the Owls baseball team at the CWS! Bring home another title!

Randy (Pearland): Great season Owls.....keep it going and bring the title back home

Vicki & Neil Bretthauer, Palatine, IL: Congratulations to all of you for your excellent performance as you have come together as a team this year! It certainly has been great to see! We look forward to joining you in Omaha!

Chris DeMunbrun (New York City): When we get to the final series I will be their with my paint on when we win the entire thing! Congratz guys!

Austin, TX: I follow you guys online and over the radio. Congratulations from the Owl faithful in Austin. We'll be watching! Go Owls!

Adam (Manhattan): Congratulations and good luck! There are more Rice fans out there rooting for you than you think! ;) BTHO Louisville and Go Rice!

Chris Giles (Lafayette Colorado): Go Owls! You men are making all of us in the Rice community very proud. Keep showing the country that it's possible to excel and take the high road! Bring another one home, boys!!

Owls in CWS (Again): What a tremendous team effort you've shown in capturing the CUSA regular season and tournament championships, the Regional championship and Super Regional championship. You've represented the university and yourselves well. Bring back another NCAA title!

Steve G (Houston): Go OWLS! Keep those bats hot,keep up the great pitching and defense and keep up the playoff streak!

Cathy ('05, Houston): Congratulations! I went to every Regional and Super Regional game, and I'll see you in Omaha for the championship games. Go Rice!

Bob Reinhold Houston: We are so proud. You handled the preseason expectations, the classroom and have excelled as a TEAM! The Magic Number is 5. Good luck, Owls. We love you.

Alex Castano (Austin, TX): Congratulations to Coach Graham and all the fine student-athletes on the baseball team. My boys and I follow the baseball team thru the internet and whenever they are on tv. You make all the Rice alumni very proud and truly represent the best of what it means to be a student-athlete. All the best!!! Go owls!! Alex Castano '93 - football letterman

Allen & Martha Lewis (Houston): Gentlemen, we are both so proud of you and your accomplishments this year and your 2nd trip to Omaha. We were there last year and were disappointed as you were. This year, the crown will be yours. Play hard, keep your swagger, take no prisoners and enjoy the moments. You guys are the best! Show everyone in Omaha!

Roy Brantley (College Station): Dear Rice, Congratulations! Being an Aggie and from College Station, we hope that you will do what we believe you can do. That is, win it all! Sincerely, Roy Brantley

Bob Willard: Congratulations on your terrific season! All we old Rice players who weren't on good Rice teams are living the Omaha experience through you. Bring back THE trophy.

Elizabeth Crews (Indianapolis): Congratulations to my nephew, Cole St.Clair. We're watching your progress with anticipation. Good luck to your whole team.

Houston: Good luck Owls! You make us proud each and every day! Have a fabulous time in Omaha and bring home the championship!

Caelligh (Orlando): Congratulations to the players, coaches, and staff on winning tough regional and super-regional tournaments! I know you are going to make us proud in Omaha! ESPN said this morning that the last defending baseball champ to return to Omaha the next year was UT in 2003. The Owls beat the defending champ that year, and I think we are likewise going to beat Oregon State this year en route to our second championship!

Sam Norvell, Dallas, Texas: Congratulations to the Rice baseball team and coaches for a wonderful season. In following the team this year it was apparent that they have persevered through a number of injuries to help firmly establish Rice as a perennial national college baseball power. Best of luck at the College World Series!

Ricky Ray, Houston: Gutsiest comeback I've ever seen against A&M in Game 1. I'll be "hooting" for you in Omaha. Go Owls. RR

Ann Bixby (Houston): Congratulations, Owls! I will be there to cheer you on in Omaha. Go Rice!

Loyd (Houston): Congratulations on a great season - so far! You guys are a real pleasure to watch and root for. You're a great team & you do it with class and dignity - terrific representatives of the University. Good luck in Owlmaha! Play hard, listen to His Holiness the Pope and the Cardinals (er, Coach Graham and the coaches) and HAVE FUN!

Dan Strout (Houston): Great job this year! OWLS ALL THE WAY - NATIONAL CHAMPS

Buck Laning - Uvalde, Texas: Way to Go OWLS!!!! Congratulations on winning the Super Regional....There are lots of Aggies here and I have given them a HARD time about Rice beating them!!! You guys make me proud of my old alma mater... I wish you continued success!!! The baseball program is a source of pride for all Rice Owls. Win With Class!!!

Sean (martel): Congratulations guys, good playing out there. Keep bringing the heat to every single team out there. Wayne Graham, you the man!

Clay (San Diego): It was great watching yall as a student and it's been awesome following the team this year. Best of luck in Omaha!

Scottsdale, AZ: GO OWLS!!! Beat ASU ( if you play them)!!!

san angelo, texas: go owls - you are the best!

Chris (Houston): This is the first time I've ever had season tickets for any team for any sport. I've loved the ride! Go get 'em in Owlmaha!

Tom (Houston): Good luck! You are the best team in the field (beware of NC though). It will be nice having a 2007 National Champion hat to match the 2003 one I have. Go Owls!

Kent (College Station): Go get'em guys! Don't need to tell you all to enjoy yourself and the experience. You've earned and you deserve it. Of course, in the process bring home our second national championship, okay?

Brandon Dickison ( Houston): Congrats Owls on your back to back trip to the "Land of Corn". Let's take the title you deserve. I just wanted to say I enjoyed all of the 07 season this year. Thanks for the beat down you guys put on A&M. Gosh I hate those arrogant Aggies. Wish you the best!

Kirkwood Johnston (Seattle): Go on Fightin' Owls!!!!!!!!!!!

Kirkwood Johnston (Seattle): Go on Fightin' Owls!!!!!!!!!!

Logan Bellevue,NE: I am freaking stoked. I am from the omaha area and I love seeing you guys come here. I will be cheering loud and proud for you all. Remember the race isnt over yet and the goal is to come to Omaha and go back to houston with a National championship ring. See ya in Omaha!

Susan (Houston): Congratulations on making it to the College World Series! As a Rice alum, I am very proud of all that the team has accomplished this year, and I’m looking forward to your continued success in Omaha! Looking forward to a Championship Parade when you bring home the trophy!

Houston: You give all of us associated with one of the greatest universities in the world even more reason to be proud. Good luck in Omaha and take pride in all that you have accomplished this season!


Bryan Guido Hassin (Houston): Congratulations, Rice OWLS! You've worked hard all season now go to Omaha and make us proud! -Bryan, Class of '01

Mike(Houston: To Coach Graham and the Owls. I can remember being an Owl fan since the mid 80s watching Norm Charlton battle Greg Swindell of UT at Cameron Field. I have no cable tv, but I will be listening to you guys as much as I can on KTRU. Congratulations...

Matt and Alex Houston,Texas: You'll rock! Alex and I have been going for you since the first game of the season. We just wish you good luck in the College World Series. Alex and I believe that you can go all the way and win! Even though we're just kids, we are still your fan's. I will always like you'll. I hope you'll win it all. From, Matt and Alex Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Garrett and Dalton - Andover, CT: Congratulations to Danny and Tyler. We went to the YD baseball camp this past summer and met both of them. We have followed Rice baseball all year. Good Luck!!!

Ed Meador (Houma, La): GREAT teamwork - you make all us grads proud of you. Let's go all the way in 2007!

Dale White Houston: Have fun, relax and I know you will play your best. And may a few bloop hits come your way.God bless you all.

Betty Bixby: Congratulations on your incredible season! See you in Omaha.

Mark B (Houston): Go Get em OWLS!! Enjoy the ride!! GO RB!!

John & Lorraine Luna: Focus . Your hard work,teamwork, determination and believing in each other will bring success.The OWLS WILL close the deal.We believe in you. GO OWLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andrew (New York City): Congratulations guys. Go get'em in Omaha and bring another Championship back to Houston!!! We'll all be pulling for you in NYC! Andrew Weber Sid Rich '04

Rusty Workman (Houston): Great job, guys! Keep taking care of business! Rusty Workman WRC '90

Guy (Wimberley): Congratulations Owls -- there's a ton of messages for you here: http://www.ncaabbs.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=236973

Jim (Las Vegas): Congrats and good luck in Omaha! Bring back another Championship! Baker '94

Bill (Austin): Congratulations, Rice! Keep it going.

Jon (Gonzales, Tx): Go get 'em Owls! Great season, and it's not over yet. Win the another championship.

Charlie (Houston): Joe's my boy!! And it only took him 10 years to get over my Little League coaching.... All you guys are GREAT! Best [most balanced] OWLS team EVER!!

Ann Freudenthal Kana '81 (San Diego): Way to go OWLS! It's great to see Rice on national TV out here in California. And even better to be able to brag about the Rice baseball winning tradition, and point to current (and future) players in the majors from our school! May your bats be hot and heads be cool! Let's go undefeated in Omaha!

O. J. (Atlanta): Great season, gentlemen! Best of luck in Omaha. Make us (even more) proud!

Jeff (Austin): Congratulations Owls! Have a great time in Owlmaha (love that nickname) and know that we're behind you 100%! You make us all proud.

Another Bill (Austin): Go after 'em, Owls! Congratulations on a great season, wonderful post, and best of luck in the next five. We're all proud of you and rooting for you!

BGBC (Baytown): Thanks for planning our family vacation...road trip to Omaha to watch Rice at the CWS...what could be better! From future Rice Owl Bryan-O!

Kristen (Boston): Go Rice! I love this time of year - I get to talk about Rice in Boston! Kristen Isaacs - Jones '00

matt (houston): Where can I pick up one of the great 'Owlmaha" t-shirts? GO OWLS!!!

Mary Ann (Wash, DC): Guys, as you can tell by all these messages, you have inspired folks from across the country, including me. I'll be whooping and hollerin' in my living room as I watch your CWS games, and I look forward to meeting you all when you make your trip to DC and the White House to mark your national championship. But remember -- should you fall short, we're proud of you just the same. Go Owls!

Don Williams(Texarkana,TX): A class bunch of guys, a class coach. God bless.

John and Virginia Houston: Have a good time and show how well you'll do play. we have enjoyed watching you all year. thanks for all you did.

houston texas!!: way to go owls!! i love watchin u guys play baseball. good luck in owlmaha!! lets bring it home just like 2003!! <3 amy (future class of 2017)

Sinan (Istanbul, Turkey): Congratulations, Owls. It was great season and thank you all. I wish I was in Omaha cheering for you. But, I will be watching CWS games though 8 hour time difference. I am sure you will bring another championship. Go Owls!

Christi Hensley, Texarkana, Texas: Good Luck Matt, we love you.

Garcia (Kerrville, Tx): Great program, you have done great things, win it all. I especially like the win against UT!

Dick Sylvan (Houston): Way to go, OWLS!!! We are very proud of you. It was a difficult start to the season, but I think it made you a tougher team. You learned that you are never out of it, as we saw so well Friday night. Bring it all back to Houston. We’ll be watching in Omaha.

Houston, Tx: Congratulations Owls

Rod&Elaine Boane{Kingwood}: It can be done again!Bring home another trophy!Enjoy the Omaha experience and have fun.

Larry Weiner (Dallas): Congratulations on getting off to a great start to the 2007 season! It's been a great pleasure watching all of the players develop and have success, and I would love to see the Jrs. and Srs. win it all in Omaha! Good luck, guys!

WMD (Atlanta): Take your brooms up there and sweep the CWS. Its time they renamed the town "Owlmaha"

Houston Tx.: Congratiolations Owls :) I Love To Watch You play !!!

Jefferson, South Dakota: Congratulations to all the Rice Owls! We'll be watching - especially the players with South Dakota roots - Hoot, Hoot!!

Sandra Bryant (Houston): Best of luck at the College World Series. Thanks for such exciting games in the Regionals. We attended most of them and had a wonderful time watching you play.

LUBBOCK: congrats to all and good luck in the world series! Good job on a hard working year. Seniors you will be missed and also a little thank you to Travis for always being such a great cousin! Good luck with the Nationals and yall go win a national championship!!

Dale Henry '75 (Dallas): Congrats to you guys on another conf championship, the Regional and the Super Regional - we're looking for you to "take ownership" of the CWS - great job!

Mac Bryant (Natchez, MS): Way to go Owls from Will McDaniel's relatives in Mississippi! I have been following you all year! Go get them in Omaha!

Dave (Houston): It's been fun watching y'all all season. You've definitely spoiled us, even with our super-high expectations. No pressure now. You've put in the hard work, so have fun and really enjoy every pitch.

Omar Palomarez (Fort Worth): Congrats to the owls for yet another fine season. Best of luck in Omaha. I will be there again this years cheering on the guys. Let's bring another Nat'l. Championship back to Texas (where it belongs)

Allen Lewis, Lovett '97 (Houston): Congratulations on getting back to Owlmaha, and for representing Rice with class. I can't wait to watch you guys bring home another NC! See you at Rosenblatt.

Paul Ward (Kingwood, Texas): Ever since the Rice Owls won their World Series in 2003, I have been an avid fan. I have noticed many ads for baseball bats and other apparel that shows a Rice baseball hat. Let's do it again and show the nation that Rice is not a small school but a sleeping giant that has awakened.

Jay (WRC'69): I wore my Owl Club hat in Australia in June 2003, and got much respect. Hope you conquer Omaha one more time for us old greybeards. After watching you tame the Aggies, I believe y'all have the stuff. Wayne Graham, you're the greatest.

Matt Smart (Houston): Awesome job this season, but it ain't over yet! You guys have the tools to win it all! 5 more wins! Stay focused. LETS GO OWLS!!!!!

John Will (Fort Worth): Class of '58 needs to be represented here as well, cheering the Owls on in Omaha. Also, the Carroll Dragons are proud of the contribution of Aaron Luna to the team. Go OWLS -- all the way!!!

Chris, Katy: Everyone is proud of yall for how far you've come. We are excited for how much further you will go!

KENT ROGERS, MD '67, Corsicana Tx: Go Fightin' Owls. My son and I will be in Omaha to cheer you on to the victory.

Houston Tx.: Go Owl's:) be in omaha to cheer you on

Berry Patch- WV and NC: Go Owl's

Mike L. (San Diego, CA): GO OWLS!!

Playle Family, Rio Grande Valley, TX: It's been a lot of fun watching you guys develop during the last few years. Enjoy your trip to Omaha, it's an opportunity of a life time and let's pull this thing off for Wayne!!!!!! PS, we have always enjoyed your company and patience in Corpus...each of you have inspired our children to follow in your footsteps.

Rhys (houston): My mommy took me to Omaha last year while I was still in her tummy. I got here during fall ball and I've been to almost every game this year. I love it when the Rice fans cheer loud, so Go Owls! Your l'il buddy, Rhys.

Billy (West University, TX): Go Owls! You are heroes. Win again.

Chris and Lynn Wisenbaker (DeRidder La): An outstanding team and a class bunch of guys, we'll be rooting you guys on in Omaha.

Lou Ann (The Woodlands): We are so impressed and so proud of all of you! Have a great time in Omaha - we will be cheering loudly enough from here that you may hear us there! Special "Hometown" greetings to Jordan Dodson and Danny Lehmann...

Rogers Family (West U, TX): Lets bring another championship back to Houston. Rice is sneaking into Omaha under the radar even though we are the highest seed left. All the stories are about Mississippi State, Louisville, Oregon State, and North Carolina. Joe, Ryan, and Matt teach America what it means to be a Rice Owl pitcher. Brian, win this for West U.

Sweet '97: Thanks for another great year. Best of luck and we will be watching Rice win another national title.


The kid with Joe Savery's jersey: Hey guys. This is a great season for you guys. You guys have worked real hard to make it to the CWS. You guys can and will do it. This is your time to show all you got. Let's win this for Wayne. You guys have really inspired me and I am always looking forward to watching you guys play in Corpus every spring break. Now let's win this.

The Lonergans (Bend, OR): Congratulations to an amazing group of young men on and off the field. Thanks for sharing a great experience. Bring home the "WIN".

'99 CWS Team Member: Git 'r dun boys. No mercy.

Leigh Sylvan (Arusha, Tanzania): Congratulations and have a great time in Omaha!

Leigh Sylvan (Arusha, Tanzania): Congratulations!

Paul (Salt Lake City): Good luck guys. I was still in Houston in 2003 when Rice won it all the first time. I hope you will have cause for such a celebration once again.

Forrest Family (kuala lumpur, malaysia): Good Luck Owls ! have a great time in Omaha....Congratulaions on another successful season!

Stafford, VA: Way to go, Owls! Will be there cheering for you in Omaha.

Julie (Omaha): Congratulations! Became a fan last year and am thrilled to have you back. Danny Lehmann's the best! Go Owls!

Pam Thomas Alexander (Atlanta): Way to go Owls! My whole family is rooting for you. My 3 1/2 year-old, Sam, is inspired by your skillful, smart and wholehearted play...thanks for being great role models for him and the rest of us! We love this time of year--you've already made us proud!

Sugar Land: Awesome game last weekend boys, we loved being surrounded by Aggies while watching you win...good luck in Omaha,we just might be there too.

Howard WRC'69 Seguin, TX: Now is the Time. Win it ALL! I want to hang another National Champion poster in my den!

Mark in New York: Congratulations to Coach Graham and the Owls Baseball team. Keep it rolling in Omaha! Best of Luck.

Mitch Istre (Houston): What can I say that has not been said? Good luck Owls and bring it home!

Dan(Austin): You guys had an awesome year and what way to top it off than going back to Omaha!!!! Congratulations and bring us another national Championship!!! Go Owls!!!!

Howard Gerwin (Cedar Falls, Iowa): WooHoo! Go Owls! Tickets permitting, I will see you in Omaha this weekend!

The Football Team: Go get em guys. We're rooting for ya.

Yolanda and Jon (San Diego): Go Owls! We'll be watching from the West Coast. Let's go!

Chrissy (San Diego): Congratulations!!!

Paula Houston, Tx: Great Season !!! Best Of Luck !!!! Go Rice Owls!!!

HOUSTON 5A BASEBALL: Congratulations to all of you guys for another GREAT run this year. Best of luck at the CWS! Bring home another one!! Randy Byers

Omaha, Nebraska: The Owls are Omaha's favorite sons when Nebraska and Creighton are out. Everyone in Omaha loves the Rice Owls - the class of NCAA baseball.

TC Ohio: Hi im tyler and i just wanna wish u guys good luck and im pullin 4 u guys u r my fav collage baseball team

Bruce Baker Houston: Thanks for all the great memories this year. You guys are great. I am looking forward to watching you all progress through Omaha.

Tracey (Pensacola, FL): GO OWLS!! I plan to be in Omaha to cheer my nephew, Joe Savery, and the rest of you great guys on. Congratulations on all of your success.

Lance Berkman (Houston): If you win the series, I will take you all out for cake.

David & K Cummings Pipes (Houston): "Nobody does it better..." Thanks, Owls, for a great season. Congratulations! Play well and enjoy Omaha. "You're simply the best!"

Kendall Cummings (Waco): Got to come to the Regional and loved the doubleplays. Keep up the good work on defense. Go Rice!

Bradley Lane '03 (Bloomington, IN): You make us all proud everyday, on and off the field. Best of luck and play well in Omaha!

Mike (Pearland): Go Owls, don't let a Houston team get beat by a bunch of Cardinals in the post-season.

Tommy LaVergne (Rice): Take care of business. You have a lot to be proud of. You can do it!

Bob Lamport (Houston): Good luck and have a great series!

Phil Barzilla (Round Rock): You guys rock. Count me in for cake when you win.

Elizabeth Johnson San Antonio. Tx.: We watched the Regionals and feel very confident you will win the College World Series. Good luck!

David L. Lugo,Houston: Coach Graham and crew ,proud of you guys and bring back the Gold

Julie Geer (Forney): Good Luck Owls!!!!

Gene Hinyard '69: You can do it this year. Way to go so far, now go get the rest of the prize.

Ed and Julia (Bellaire): You are the very best -- both on and off the field. Keep up the good work and bring home the trophy.

Ward (Katy): Good Luck Owls! Keep the dynasty alive!

The Levine Family: GO OWLS! Congratulations on a great season. Bring home another championship trophy to Houston.

san jose california: great job wish you guy's the best of luck THE ACUNA'S HI J.P.

Martin (bellaire): Congratulation on another fantastic season. You've made us proud already - now go to Omaha and get you some cake (and the title) - you deserve it! We're with you all the way in Omaha.

Ian Denning (Houston): The 9U AA Cy-Fair Dragons say, "Let's go Owls!! We know you can do it!!! We're all pulling for you! Crush the Cardinals & Beavers!!"

Justin Crowder '02 (Dallas): Congratulations on another trip to Omaha. Bring back another championship!

Richard from Austin: Go Owls! Way to make us proud to wear blue in a burnt orange city.

Jim (Bellaire): Rice baseball validates varsity sports at Rice. Through the years Rice has been tops in all categories except sports, and baseball now restores parity to Rice student and faculty functions and institutions. Rice is number one, and baseball is something we can be proud of! Wish you guys -- coaches, players, attending fans all the best at the CWS! Go Rice!

Kelly K. (Austin): Y'all are awesome! Go all the way in Omaha!!!!!!!!! My dad doesn't miss a game, we are behind y'all 100%! Go Owls!!!!!

Jason Perlioni '94 (Chicago): Go Owls! With honor and dignity go to Omaha and take it all this year!!! You guys make us varsity alumni proud!

Jose Cruz Jr. (San Diego): The cake is on me this time if you win since my batting average is higher than Lance's.

Juan: Buena Suerte!!!

The Andre's Pittsburgh, PA: Bring howm a win, go RB we are so proud of you and your entire team. Go OWLS...

geomcdaniel: look forward to seeing Rice vs Mississippi State

Jennifer (El Campo, Tx): Anything done once can be done twice. You guys have every reason to go all the way, especially with the best coach (and staff) in college baseball. GO OWLS!!!

Crockett Elementary (Houston): Go Owls! All Crockett Students are cheering you on.

RUBPA (everywhere): From the players association: we look forward to adding another national championship team to our ranks. Go get 'em!

Gretchen Martinez Penny '84 (Houston): We had season tickets and have enjoyed every minute of this great run! Coach Graham was one of my teachers at Scarborough High School and he's the best. Go OWLS! Sweep the series!!!!!

The Lloyds: We've been with you from the beginning and now we are ready to see you come home with a National Championship! You deserve it... play hard!

Rene (San Antonio): Life is good! Baby #1 will be here any day now...PLUS, the Spurs and Owl's are on the verge of another championship.

BARTAY FAMILY (BELLVILLE, TX): Way to go OWLS! Bellville is extremely proud of our friend & hometown player, JESS BUENGER. Jess have a great time in Omaha

Rice FE&P: Thanks to all of you for a great season, We'll all be over at Valhalla cheering you on, Go Owls

Wes & Barbara Morris (Hanszen College): Good luck, Owls! Hanszen will be watching and cheering you on all the way to the championship.

Becky McAndrews (Houston): Way to Go Owls! This is my first season as a season ticket holder. Thanks for a very exciting and rewarding season. It has been great. Best of luck in Omaha! See you next year!

Gloria (Houston): Keep on having fun--Enjoy Omaha!

Daniel Elledge (Houston): Go Owls! I hope you guys do well in omaha and I hope you bring back the title back to Rice like in '03. Good luck! Rice is #1!

Lilly (Covington, LA): You guys are outstanding and so much fun to watch...now walk into Omaha like you own the place!

Daniel Elledge (Houston): Go Owls! I hope you guys do well in omaha and I hope you bring back the title back to Rice like in '03. Good luck! Rice is #1!

24 Upstate NY: Go Owls!!! From your upstate New York fan!!! Wish I was there...

Lorraine (Syracuse, NY): Go Owls! You make me proud as an alum and a former student athlete - take the title again and make me buy more championship gear!

Andy - Lake Jackson: Thank you very much for that memorable game one in the super regional. I will never forget it...or the way it silenced the Aggie fans.

Jeanne, Austin: To Wayne Graham and the Rice Owls, good luck on Friday. Just know there are a lot of people in Austin,Texas rooting for you. God Bless!

Nick Shannin (Orlando): Way to go, Owls! 5-0, five more to go! The Central Florida Rice Alumni Association looks forward to celebrating some Omaha Magic - RiceStyle! GO RICE!!!

JIM in Dallas: GO OWLS.

Craig (Grimes, Iowa): My son and I will be in Owlmaha 7 rows behind the 3rd base dugout Whooting you all on to a National Championship!

Frank (Metairie, La.): Tulane fans say "Take it all Owls"

Bret Kimmel (Houston - '89)`: Great job getting to the CWS. I've passed the Rice Baseball bug to my 8 yr old son. Can't tear him away from the TV when you guys are playing. He was bummed when we missed out on Super Regional tickets. Know we'll watch every minute of you guys in the CWS!!

The Pessas (Florida): Bring it all home!

The Clement Family - San Antonio: Way to go Owls! We are so very proud of the hard work and focus to get the team to the CWS. Represent Rice well and go get 'em!!

Rea Family: You are awesome RB! Humble and Atascocita are behind the Owls and Ryan Berry! You have what it takes to WIN the CWS!!


Erik Nolte '02 (Houston): We're all behind you guys 100%. Even my parents love Rice Baseball, and they're not even baseball fans (or Rice Alums). I think that says it all.

Cape Cod, MA: Go Bobby Bramhall!! Your friends, The T's

Dobbs Family: RB - Humble's proud of you! Congrats Owls - We'll be cheering for you all the way!

Bill (west coast) '69: Congrats to the team. I'd also like to say thanks to the 19 other Div I schools who didn't hire Coach Graham.

Amy K. (Houston): Rock on Owls!!! Congratulations!!

Diane Ditman: Owlaha! Watch out, after the come back you showed today...You're going all the way! My son and husband are there in Omaha, watching you guys and my daughter and I are proud to watch from home in Richmond, TX!

Paula (Houston): What a fabulous opening game!!! You have made all of your medical center fans proud!!! You will go all the way!!!

Michelle (Houston): Go Rice!! congrats guys!! cannot wait to see ya'll come back with that championship!

Jim Young, Lovett '03 (Houston): We are so proud of you guys. Rice Baseball is one reason I am so proud to be an Owl!!! Good luck!! EOL RRF!!! Let's Go Rice!!!

Kris B. (Beaver Dam, WI): I have no connection to Rice U., only admiration (But R.U.'s Dr. Hebl is a graduate of our school.). I could not have gotten into Rice with a crowbar, but I love it when the smart kids win. Go OWLS!

The Moriarty Family (Houston): Congrats to the Rice Owls and Scott Lonergan from your Houston fam! Tim, Debbie, Jennifer, Kiki, Courtney, and Michelle and all the boys!!!

Rachel, Portsmouth, RI: I've been following you guys since 2003 and I'm so excited hat you guys are in Omaha. Go Owls!

Mia (Portland, OR): Go all the way Owls!! We're pulling for you!!

Jeremy Papillion NE: GO OWLS!!!!!!! You guys are the #1 team in the country!!!

Kerry (Bedford, TX):: Way to hit and field Owls! I've watched the 8the inning of Game 1 three times so far. Bury them all! Congratulations, guys, from a Rice alum and parent

Derrick (Millard): We love the Owls here in Omaha...it's great to have you back and great to see you win today. Keep it up and I hope more fans come up for next weekend....you guys ROCK!!

Courtney and Michelle: Wii love our Owls!!! See ya in Omaha!

The Ottmer Family in Bellville,TX: What a way to start in Omaha! Great game guys. A classic! Jess-you were Allie's hero in football at the Pasture of Pain; now you're her hero in baseball! She and her Super Friends are pulling for you. Bellville is behind you and the Rice team. Good luck in the rest of the series!

Mary (Houston): You guys are awesome. What an incredible game yesterday. You have the heart of a Champion, and I believe… See you in Omaha for the finals! GO OWLS!

Lou Ann (The Woodlands): Being possibly the only household in Houston without cable, my 11-yr old son and I were sitting on our kitchen island across from the radio over the sink kicking our feet and screaming for the amazing Rice Owls!! Now you and we all know nothing can stop you!


Liana (Houston): Wow, what an opening game! I was glad to be here in person. Keep playing your game and the title is yours. You make this Owl alum proud. GO OWLS!!

Nacogdoches Texas: Way to go Aaron Luna, see you when you come to visit us at church. Paul Solise

The Saverys (San Diego, California): Congratulations to the win over Louisville yesterday and congratulations to Joe Savery for his draft to the Phillies from his relatives in California!!!!!

Nicole (Houston): What a way to win Game 1! And there were concerns about offense?! Good luck for the rest of the tournament. Looking forward to celebrating another Championship!! GO OWLS

jeff Mattson (Spring): Great Win over Louisville !!! Championship year is 2007 !!!

Rocky (Houston): Way to go Owls. Never give up. You will be champions of 2007.

JC (Cypress): Been enjoying Rice baseball for some time, you guys are making us proud! Keep up the great job! See you back here with the championship trophy.

mitchell h so. yarmouth: go owls. great game

Ralph (Bay City): Go get 'em tomorrow Joe, I know you wondered if you ever would get the chance to pitch in the CWS, now it's your time to shine.....

Ken (Tulsa): Peck em Owls!

daniel: hit a homer joe

AVR (Houston): Way-To-Go Owls!!!

Upland, California: Go Owls! All the way, by the way, great looking uni's

ethan(newbedford): congrat's guys great job. You guys are nasty i hope you guys go all the way and win the world series

Lorrie (Houston): What a great first game!! You guys are awesome! Keep up the good work and congrats!!

Ashley (OMAHA!): Lets go boys!! Today (June 17th) is my birthday and it would be a great birthday present from you all to win!! =] Congrats and GOOD LUCK!

Spring, TX: Way to go Owls!! We're ready for a repeat of 2003! Stand, cheer, drink more beer!

Steven & Nancy Jones (Austin): Go Owls!!! You can go all the way.


Emma ( Kingwood): You Guys Are Kicking butt like its a piece of cake!! Great Job!!!

Ryan (Clear Lake): Two in a row!!! Keep those bats hot until Wednesday and keep it going.....you guys are going to do it!!

Mary C., Austin: GO OWLS!!!!! We are so proud of you!!!!

missy and sammy (omaha): Congrats Rice on the win today!!! keep up the great work and remember we're cheering for you! <3

Dan: GO OWLS!!!! bring it home.

Dan (Palmer, Alaska): Keep up with the huge effort. It is great to see Rice win! Go Owls!

Paul (Austin): Great job to the players and coaches!! Keep your focus on doing the little things and the big things will take care of themselves. Hoot 'em!!

Marc Siegel, M.D. (Orlando): Keep it up. There is no stopping us now. #1 GO OWLS!

Mike Netzel (Bellaire): Playing your best ball, when it matters most, is the mark of a champion! Here's to 3 more wins, and a big party at Reckling next week!! Coach Netzel

Aaron (WRC): "that's a play that not many professionals can make" that's my boy, Diego

Julie,Heather, Jen & Logan (Channelview,: Way to go guys. You look great. Diego you represent Channelview well. We're proud of you.

Jeff Rose ( Houston): Congratulations Coach Graham and the fighting OWLS. I cannot express how proud you make us.

Hempstead Elementary (Hempstead TX): Good Luck! – Marlene You’re the Best! – Krystal Have a good time! – Devonte Nice Game – Robert Have FUN and hit a HOME RUN! – Destiny You’re #1! – Anna Good Luck! – Jamie We are so PROUD OF YOU JESS!!!!! – Mrs. Buenger

Jim, Charlotte, N.C.: Great Work Rice. Way to take care of UNC.

Mitch (Katy): Keep it going Owls!!! Bring home another title!!! We're proud of you.

Bridget Burke (Atlanta): GOOD OWLS!!!!

Hempstead Elementary (Hempstead, TX): “Go Owls!” – Geovanni* “You’re the Best!” – Keith* “Go #14!” – Kelly* “You’re awesome!” – Ricardo*

Clory (Houston): Wooooweeeee! Love watching you guys play some beautiful baseball. It makes me proud to be a fellow Rice athlete. Show us how its done baby! I'll be watching for the win on Wednesday! Hoot hoot. GO RICE!!!

Chris Barnard/ Lubbock, Texas: Travis.... play like you did with Chandler about 12 years ago...Go Owls!

Michelle, WRC '87 (Houston): UNC Coach Mike Fox: “That was a good ole’ fashioned fanny whoopin’.” Keep on winning Owls! You are talented, smart, confident, experienced – and you make all of us very proud. Keep up the magnificent effort and hot bats.

florida: yall are doin great keep it up

Charlie Vaughters (Philadelphia): Way to go Owls! Build on the momentum of those first two incredible wins. My wife and I are both alums and couldn't be prouder of you guys. Keep up the good work.

Jim (Houston): Go get'm Owls. You are the best!

George Hall '81 (Baltimore): Way to go Rice! Way to send all those Aggies fans packing. Good luck in Omaha.

KennesawGA: Go OWLS

Stevie (Pearland): So you guys know it will be North Carolina....I am sure they are chomping to come back and get some revenge for Sunday night, but I know you guys will keep things on an even keel, and send them off to a BBQ after a win tomorrow!!

Dragon Nation: Go Owls!

Hank (New York): We're rooting for you up here

Jordan Loftin (Livingston): Congratulations men, keep up the good work, makin me proud, Good luck on the way to the championship game, and good luck to those who will not be playin NCAA ball next yr, but takin the next step in their careers, GO OWLS!!!

Deanna Sharp, Lake Jackson, TX: Thanks for the ride, guys! Scrappy Danny, you, sir, are the man driving the game. You're just awesome!!

Kevin J. Coupe '86 Montgomery Tx: Congratulations on a wonderful season. Keep up the good work and bring home another National Championship to Rice U. We are all very proud of ya'll

Captain of Texas (Houston, Texas): GO OWLS GO!! Bring back a National Championship to the State of Texas and the City of Houston!!

George Gonzalez '98 (San Antonio): Rice alums in San Antonio are very happy for you and extremely proud of you! Keep working and playing hard. Best wishes for winning the National Championship!

The Cohens (Houston): You are representing our city so well. We are thrilled at your success and believe this is your year! Keep it up! You are making us very proud!

CAIN FAMILY-MISSISSIPPI: GO OWLS!!! We’re Joe’s family on his mom Pam’s side and we’re all glued to the TV and hootin’ for the team here in Mississippi as our new “home team”!!!! We can’t help but hoot especially loud for Joe – so proud of your college career and the Phillies draft! You know DD’s watching….and bustin’ his buttons…not only for your baseball successes – but also for the gracious gentleman you are! GO OWLS…..WIN OWLS WIN……SEE THE OWLS WIN….BRING HOME THE TROPHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kelly Rentzel '97 (Dallas): Keep those bats going! I'll see you in Omaha this weekend! You guys are awesome!

Kitty (Brown '07) St. Louis: LET'S GO RICE! Fight for the Blue and Grey!!!

Shirley Luna (Nacogdoches): Go Owls!

Hea (Lawrence, KS): GO RICE GO!! Make us very proud of yall!! Love yall!! keep it up For all of us!!! GO OWLS!!!!!!

Byron (Austin): You guys are the best in the country. Thanks for all your hard work (coaches and players) that got you this far. Best of luck with those pesky teams in your way. Bring home another title and you'll cement Rice as a baseball powerhouse. Go Owls!

Jay (Huntsville): Shake this one off fellas, don't lose that swager you brought the first two days....you guys have come to far, no way you let this stop you...go get them tomorrow...

Arnie (College Station): C'mon Langwell, get it done tomorrow. We are all pulling for you back here.


Lou Ann (The Woodlands): Today was just a hiccup, guys. Tomorrow IS another day!!

Syndey (West U): Best of luck today Owls...we know you can do it

Joe (Baytown): win or lose you guys are.....Heck, what do I mean "lose"???? You are taking them down and then taking aim at OSU

Dylan (Rice baseball camper): we believe you guys, we believe

Michael Lane(New Jersey): Go Owls...Danny our best is with you and the rest of the team...We're watching every game...

Chris (Houston): We are proud of you guys!!! Let's bring home another National Championship!

Sugar Land: awesome team! awesome season! stay true to yourselves and your team. will be there this weekend to watch y'all in person! TODAY IS YOUR DAY!!

The Bellaire Bunch: Game On! GO OWLS!!!

Bill McCormack (Dallas): Although I hold degrees from UH and UT, as a native Houstonian I want to congratulate the Owls and Coach Graham on a great year. You didn't win it all, but you made it exciting. I'll be cheering you on next year. Go get 'em.

Mary Ann (Wash, DC): Hey, guys. You had some tough luck against UNC this year, but you gave it your best and gave us a good ride. We're proud of you! Thanks.

Craig (Grimes, Iowa): Congrats on another Final four. We love watching Owlvision all year and then seeing you in Owlmaha! Great Season!

sugar land texas: congrats for a great year. do it again next year

Michelle WRC '87 (Houston): Way to go Rice! Congratulations to the coaches and team. It was a fantastic year. Good luck to those going to the pros. We will be back in the stands next season cheering on Coach Graham and our Owls. You are all true gentlemen and you made us proud.

MJ and Hugh (Houston): It has been great fun to watch you play this season and represent Rice in such a wonderful way. Rice baseball is a joy for all your fans. Congratulations for another super season. Mary Jane and Hugh Kinnebrew

Granny Owl: This team exemplifies everything that is right with the world. We will miss those of you who are going to the next phase of your lives, and look forward to seeing those players who are returning at Fall Ball. To quote Tina Turner, you are “Simply the Best”. Congratulations to the 2007 Rice Owl Baseball Team for a job well done.

Emery's '58 (Los Altos, Calif): We wish our cheering could have come through the ESPN screens. We are proud of you and look forward to a repeat next year. Cille and Frank Emery

Richard Brown (Houston): Congratulations on a great season. You are a classy team that plays the game hard but clean; a real pleasure to watch. We'll see you in Omaha in 2008.

Lisa (Houston): It was a great year. Congratulations on all you accomplished. You guys are the best.

Mark from Larchmont, NY: You are all winners on the field, in the classroom, and in life! Thank you for a tremendous season!

Ricky Ray (Houston): Thanks for all the great memories to those seniors and juniors who are not coming back. I wish you the best at the next stage in life.

Houston: Congratulations on a great year. We Houstonians are proud of such a class team representing us.

Bonnie (Houston): Thank you for a great year!!! You guys still rOcK my wOrLd!!

Don Williams Texarkana, TX: You guys are some kind of special. See you in Feb at the College Classic and the 2008 CWS.

Charles Maynard Houston: Congratulations on a fabulous season. We loved every minute of it. You guys did us all proud.

Leslie (Houston): You guys gave us some fantastic baseball! Nothing but winners in every sense of the word...no matter what happens in Omaha!

John Roberts (Houston): Way to go guys! Go Rice!

baytown, TX: RICE OWLS: still #1 Great Season. We are all proud of you. Even that old Coach Graham is STILL #1. gene pratt RICE INSTITUTE 1956

Jim and Sherry (Montana): It's nice to have such a great group of guys represent our school in athletics, academics, and character! Way to go, OWLS!

Sugar Land, Texas: tired of the "sports" experts and reference to "pressure of the game" this team has experienced those kinds of games all season... and typically come out on top! there have been so many great games. have loved watching the owls play this season. Look forward to seeing the returning players and best of luck to those moving on in '08!

Betty Bixby, Houston: It was a great season. I am proud of the way you played and even prouder of the way you represented your university. I wish you all continued success.

Patricia (Baton Rouge): Thanks for a great season! Best wishes to all who are going to the pros and can't wait for the 2008 season to start.