NCAA Bound! Oxford Regional Graphic

Owls fans posted notes of congratulations or support to the Rice Women's Tennis team as they headed to the Oxford Regional and a first-round matchup with Illinois.

Jake Regular (Houston): Go Rice!

Christy (Houston): Let's go Rice! Congratulations and good luck!

Kevin: Go Owls! Ace it!

Jessie (Houston): So cool to be able to do this... Good luck ladies...keep this great season going!

Steven (San Diego): Great to see you back in NCAA action. Go get 'em this weekend and make it a full team trip to Athens!

Enrique: Disorientate the competition with your wit and intensity.

Kimmie (The Woodlands): It has been so much fun to see the team get better and better as the year has gone along. No stopping now!

Patty (Houston): Good luck ladies! Fire it up!!!!!

ArkieOwl: Good Luck ladies - allez allez Nathalie

George (Houston): Congratulations and good luck!

David (Houston): Best of luck! Go Owls!

Ollie: Rice Fight Never Die!

Jaime (houston): We are proud of you.

Ping (Houston): Good job!!! I know you will be great!!! We are so proud of you!!! Go Owls!!!

John (Louisville): Good Luck Ladies!!! Go OWLS!!! Win Regional!!!

Kim (Houston): We are so proud of you - Best of luck this weekend! Go Owls!

Rick Schell (Houston): There's no stopping you now! You've made us proud. Have a great tournament. Go Owls!

Stefan and Jean (Houston): CONGRATULATIONS! Keep it up and you will go all the way. Go Ana and fiends ! Wonderful succes Elizabeth.

Antje: I wish I could be there with you! Good luck! GO OWLS!

Kay(Austin): My daughter and I each had Rice tennis players as roommates....thirty years apart! We are such big fans and so proud of you. Let's go Owls!!

Schmidt Family(Midland): Go Owls....

Donna (Reckling Park): Best of luck! Have fun on the court, the rest will take care of itself. Kick ace!

Tiffany (Shanghai): Hoot Hoot... Go Rice! You can do it!

Julie (Austin): All the way, Owls! Best of luck...

Rebecca (Tudor Training Room): Good luck ladies! Enjoy your trip and play hard! Go Owls!

Jane (Raleigh): Good luck! Congrats!

Tawn (Sugar Land): Go get them, ladies. C'Mon!!! Have a wonderful tournament.

Ann (Houston): Good luck!!

Ramon (Spring): Go get 'em girls.....Go RICE!!!

Mecklin (Houston): Good luck this weekend ladies!!! Knock 'em dead! Lots of love, hugs and cheering coming your way from Houston and Corpus Christi! #GETITGURLS

Anicete Family (Klein): Way to go girls....you made us so proud!!! GO OWLS..........GO RICE!!!

David (My Couch): Couldn't be more proud--Good luck all the way!!!!!! Boom! Encouragement, yes!!

Ricky (Houston): RICE! FIGHT! NEVER DIE!

Coach Cannon: Go Rice - Win big Kim!!

Becca (Los Angeles): good luck ladies! GO RICE!

Anousjka (Heerhugowaard): Let's go Rice! This is what you work hard for all year! Go get'em!!!


Cannon (Klein): We all watched the live feed in 7th period!!! Way to go KIMMMM. Yay Rice

Joe Sugar Land: Congrats on a great win today. Win again tomorrow.

Tiki Owl (Tiki Island): Congrats Ladies. Wonderful win.

mary & chuck: go owls!!

Kirkwood Johnston (Houston): Well done, Ladies! Keep it up!

Thaddeus (Heights): Y'all make us proud. Keep it up, ladies!

Bob Reinhold: Great comeback! Owl Nation is pulling for you. Congrats.

George Webb (Houston): This team is an inspiration! Great job Friday, good luck Saturday and beyond!

Ping (Houston): What a great win today! Congratulations!! You will do it again tomorrow!!! Gow Owls!!!!!!!!

David (Section MM, Seat 8, Reckling Park: Boom!! More Encouragement! Yessssss!

Beazant Family (Florida): Congratulations to all the Team & Staff. We are so proud of you all & the best of luck today!

The Friesen's (San Diego): Congrats Owls! So excited for you. Way to compete!!!!

Brandon (Houston): Way to go Owls! Keep serving them up.

Ping (Houston): Congratulations! I know you could do it!! Good luck in the sweet 16 matches!!!

Dominique (Toronto): Congrats!!! So proud of all of you, and excited to see you kick some Bruins butt! =)

Dominique (Toronto): Congrats!! So proud of all of you. Good luck in Athens!!!! =)

Dominique (Toronto): Congrats!!! So proud of all of you, and excited to see you kick some Bruins butt! =)

Dana B (Houston): Go Owls - I do so wish I could be there but work calls. I am so proud of each of you - full team effort. Enjoy yourselves in Athens but try to beat those Bruins.

Meg Dallas: Congratulations on a fantastic season ladies! Go Rice!

Kyle(Houston): Way to go Owls! So proud. Thank you for a great season and your excellence in representing your school, the city and our great state.