Training Camp '16 Daily Report August 6

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Practice #3

Shorts, shoulder pads and helmets

7:30-9:45 a.m.  Grass Practice Field

Days to Kickoff 25

Current Owls Birthdays: 0

Former Owls Birthdays:  Four-year letterman Bryan Phillips (1977-80)

 In Brief:  After hearing from NASA Astronaut Clayton Anderson during a post-dinner presentation on Friday night, the first sounds of contact came to camp as the Owls donned their shoulder pads for the first time during a two-plus hour workout on the grass practice field.  

 Quotes of the Day:

Head Coach David Bailiff: "His (Clayton Anderson) story is absolutely amazing. It's one of goal-setting.  It's one of perseverance. He applied to be an astronaut 15 years in a row and was denied. But instead of giving up, he kept building up his resume until NASA had to say "yes".  I think he just outlasted them. To have a man talk to the team who has done three space walks and who has lived in the space station for 152 days. That takes a mental toughness and a grit. His message is inspiring.

Offensive Lineman Connor Patterson: "This is the fifth camp for Brandon Dawkins and myself and we're the guys who need to step up and be leaders.  Trey and Peter and Calvin have all played a significant amount of time and Sam as well, but we are the ones who need to step up and lead the way. It's exciting to be that guy.  Andrew Reue was in front of me the last couple of years and he taught me a lot about leadership. I hope I can step up and be like Andrew and lead these guys. When we came in, we had guys like Luke Willson, Taylor McHargue, Phillip Gaines  all the guys who had come in when there was nothing going on and brought Rice Football to a place where we were winning bowl games. I was there for the first bowl game. After three bowl games, I honestly think we got complacent. We thought it was just going to be given to us because we were the new version of Rice Football. Last year we kind of fell off. So now understand that we've had those highs and we've had the lows. Going into the year the goal is to focus on the highs and eliminate the lows."

 Shameless Plug:  Tune in each morning of training camp to the "Morning Stretch" with the Rice Owls on Periscope.   The audience keeps growing and we do take requests if you have a favorite player you want to see in action.

 Up Next:  Meetings, weights and walk-throughs are the order of the day for the rest of Saturday and Sunday as the Owls will take a day off from the heat and humidity.  They will be back on the field first thing Monday morning for the first practice in full pads. 

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