Training Camp '16 Daily Report August 13

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Practice #10

Full pads

9:00-10:30 a.m.  Rice Stadium

Days to Kickoff: 18

Current Owls Birthdays: none

Former Owls Birthdays:  none.

 In Brief:  The Owls made what will become a familiar trek down the ramp from the Patterson Center to the turf of Rice Stadium for the first time on Saturday for the first scrimmage of their 2106 training camp. Mother Nature again proved kind, dismissing an early threat of a shower while keeping a cover of clouds.  

Photo Gallery:

Video Highlights:

 Stat(s) of the Day:  


Brandon Douglas 1 INT;  Brian Womac 1 Sack; Emmanuel Ellerbe 1 PBU J.T. Ibe 1 PBU

Austin Walter 5 attempts/67 yds (1 TD); Darik Dillard 9 attempts/51 yds (2 TD); Emmanuel Esukpa 9 attempts/34 yds (1 TD); Jowan Davis 9 attempts/28 yds (1 TD); Tyler Stehling 5 attempts/14 yds; Nashon Ellerbe 1 attempts/13 yds; Jackson Tyner 5 attempts/12 yds; Darrion Pollard 1 attempt/2 yds; J.T. Granato 2 attempts/0 yds; Sam Glaesmann 1 attempt/0 yds


Tyler Stehling 11-of-18, 123 yds, 1 TD; J.T. Granato 4-of-7, 64 yds, 1 TD, 1 Int.; Jackson Tyner 6-of-10, 81 yds; Sam Glaesmann 3-of-6, 18 yds

Zach Wright 3-61 yds; Trevor Long 1-50 yds, 1 TD; Temi Alaka 2-38 yds, 1 TD; Darrion Pollard 4-30 yds; Austin Walter 3-21 yds; Kylen Granson 1-17 yds; Cameron Johnson 2-16 yds; Cameron Decell 1-13 yds; Darik Dillard 2-12 yds; T.J. Gotelli 1-11 yds; Emmanuel Esukpa 1-10 yds; Jordan Myers 2-7 yds; James Mayden 1-0 yds.

Scoring Plays-
Jowan Davis 1 yd run; Darik Dillard 1 yd run; Emmanuel Esukpa 14 yd run; Austin Walter 48 yd run; Tyler Stehling to Temi Alaka- 34 yds; Darik Dillard 27 yd run; J.T. Granato to Trevor Long- 50 yds

 Quotes of the Day:

Head Coach David Bailiff: (Overall) "We're right where we need to be. As a head coach, you walk off this field pleased because you saw success on both sides of the football. We had 100 plays and it was done with great effort. When we grade this video, we're not going to see a lot of deductions for lack of effort.  For our first scrimmage, we were extremely clean.  We saw early in this scrimmage where the defense was really dominating. The offense kept chipping away and towards the end we were having some big offensive plays."

(Defense) "You have to remember that last year so many of them were freshmen.  Now they're sophomores so they're growing up and maturing. They understand the game now. When you're a freshmen and in two-a-days, the game is really fast. Now through repetition and their hard work, it's slowing down for them and they are able to make some plays and do some things that we were not capable of doing last year."

(Quarterbacks)"I thought Tyler Stehling kept getting better throughout the scrimmage. I thought Jackson Tyner was very consistent with his play.  J.T. Granato started a little slow but as the scrimmage went on he hit a rhythm.  No doubt that Tyler is our starter and the next two are competing for that second spot."

(Offensive Line) "I thought the offensive line performed well with their protections> I've been really encouraged by the second offensive line. We're going to have some quality depth if we need it.  Right now, Isaiah Edwards is running at two at tackle, but he can also move over to play guard. Joseph Dill is a true freshman but he's already in the two-deep on the second offensive line."

(Moving from here) "This next week is when roles are starting to be developed, first team, second team, who's being redshirted, who's getting on the bus and who is going to play. This next week is a critical week for us.  Some of the guys will be happy with the roles they have after this week, some of them won't. You'll see an uptick of effort and guys competing to try and climb that depth chart."

Offensive Guard Peter Godber: "It's exciting for me personally (to scrimmage today), because all during camp, the defense has been saying 'you hold all the time'. Being able to really hit someone today and seeing that it's not a hold--I never got called today--was exciting for me. I'm from Canada so this (weather) is what I am used to. This is the way football should be played."

Post Scrimmage:  Another tradition, as Coach Bailiff and the Owls entertained a group of former lettermen and other supporters of the program for lunch.  Later on Saturday, the team will join with members of the soccer and volleyball teams to host Owl fans at the second annual Fan Fest.

 Up Next:  Sunday is traditionally a day off, but from many of the Owls, they'll be getting in an additional lifting session as they help move in the 2016 freshman class which also heralds the beginning of O-Week on campus.  

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