Countdown to Kickoff '16 Daily Report August 24

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4:00-6:00 p.m. 

Days to Kickoff: 7

In Brief: Practice started under cover as lightning in the area kept them off the field for the first 45 minutes on the schedule before they were cleared to step on the grass practice field.  Once cleared they were able to complete the bulk of the day's work.   

 Quotes of the Day:

Defensive End Brian Womac: "I think we had a really great camp. Everyone was really focused and it was there from the beginning of camp. We have high hopes for this year and holding ourselves to a higher expectation. That's something that coach (Ryan) Tedford really instilled in us during the summer. I'm holding myself to that expectation and we are holding each other to those expectations. It's been all about unit goals rather than personal goals heading into this year. The D-Line did some good work over the summer in the weight room and on the field with Coach Tedford. I think we accomplished everything we wanted to before the season. We had a lot of young interior linemen last year and event the guys at end were pretty young. Apparently last year at one time we were playing more freshmen than anyone in the country. All those freshmen are a year older and they are that much better.  The incoming freshmen give us added depth and our numbers are pretty good on defense. I really feel like we've come together nicely in came and we're really playing well in camp and I'm curious to see how we will play together when we play Western Kentucky. I have high hopes."

 Up Next:  The Owls will be on the practice field from 4-5:30 on Thursday, while the sounds of an actual football game will be coming from the turf at Rice Stadium next door as Rosehill Christian School hosts Northside Christian.  

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