Factoids Wanted

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Last year Craig Manuel and Diego Seastrunk regaled Owls fans during baseball games with collection of off-the-wall factoids in a feature called "Catchers' Corner."  It might not have been the reason you came to Reckling, but along with a great game, you also picked up a fact such as grizzly bears hating wet ears,  or that your thumb is the same length as your nose to stump a friend or co-worker.


Diego has moved on to the professional ranks, but Craig Manuel is back and will team up with pitcher/infielder Abel Gonzales to provide more of the same in "Battery Banter,"  but our dynamic duo needs your help.   Each of you has your own stockpile of quirky facts, and here's your chance to share them.  Submit your facts until Tuesday, January 25th at 10 PM to Then come out to a Rice Baseball game this season and see if your random fact makes the cut for this year's Battery Banter!

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