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For your summertime perusal, here is the Rice 2-deep roster as the Owls head into the final weeks of summer session and the start of training camp looms at the end of the first week of August:  Rice Pre Fall Camp Two-Deep .

The full roster has been updated online as well, with the incoming freshmen having been assigned  their initial numbers--emphasis on "initial"--since more than a few freshmen have seen their numerical designation change after their initial season. Also included in this updated listing are the incoming freshmen walk-on players.

There are a few number changes among returning players, most notably Luke Willson and Brian Stacy.  

Any questions about the roster?


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Definitely some surprises in there. I wonder how much this will be adjusted when the freshmen show up? Do you think any might start against UT?

Kitzbuhel: One thing that Coach Bailiff stressed at the end of spring was the overall satisfaction with the progress of both the starters as well as the reserves. Because of the competition at several key spots, the Owls do have much more realistic depth in the two-deep. As a result, the incoming freshmen have the advantage of being able to showcase their talents in Fall camp while not have to shoulder the excessive burden of filling a critical area a need. It promised to be an exciting camp to watch the blending of the talents.

What disappointment - three QB's listed as co-1's. ;)

Not that it's a surprise, mind you. Chuck, who do you see as the most likely candidate to emerge as the starter?

That's something I really shouldn't do, speculate on who might emerge--in part because my own daily attendence at practice and scrimmages was limited because of the NCAA Men's Basketball Regional.

Not a depth chart question, but what can you tell us about the rumored minor uniform changes for the 2010 season?


Had heard nothing about any changes during Spring practice from anyone around the team. Most folks are grabbing the last bits of vacation right now, so I'm not able to ask around.

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