Owls Keep On Pitching On

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Doug Simmons provides crisp mop-up duty with two scoreless innings, and the Owls lower their ERA to 1.91 over their last nine games. The Owls are 8-1 in that span following their 8-1 win over Sam Houston State at The Reck.

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MK -- It's great to have you back!! We've missed your astute observations and insights. Hope all is well with the little one at home.

owl-1983: Thanks. All is well at home, and for that I am thankful. - MK

Welcome back MK. Hope you get some sleep tonight!

tfw: Sleep? What's that? - MK

What they said, New Dad. Glad to have you back.

And glad to see the Owls' pitching coming along so well and so soon. I'm much more confident seeing the pitching round into form before the hitting than the other way around, because we know the hitting *will* come. Hopefully starting this weekend against Cal.

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