Renovation Season

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Renovations at The Reck, previously discussed here, will reach another phase on Wednesday when the locker room refurbishment is initiated. Some exterior work has been completed (protective netting behind home plate; equipment shed beyond right field), so the time has come for the interior to be addressed. Considering that the lockers installed when The Reck opened a decade ago remain, their replacement is long overdue. And it's not like The OG was too fond of the original design of those lockers to begin with. After 10 years, he's had enough.

"I think they'll be much more efficient," The OG said. "I'm glad we're doing this."

By efficient, The OG means that the upper compartment will be split as to allow easier and safer access (i.e., avoiding bumping one's noggin while mired in an item search). A darker oak grain will be utilized, with the ubiquitous Old English 'R' emblazoned on the locker doors.

The lockers will be removed, allowing for a fresh coat of paint on the walls. Plush new carpet will be installed and enhancements to the audio system will follow. The new lockers, designed and constructed by Broward Custom Woodwork, should be in place by Jan. 4. Three lockers will be added to the existing room space to accommodate the NCAA-mandated 35-man roster.

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Pictures would be nice after the renovation.

Tiki: But of course, hence the 'before' twitpic photo. Stay tuned. - MK

What 'before' twitpic photo?

Gothic R: Forgive me for assuming that everyone (!!!) follows for that is where the twitpic was posted along with the url for the blog post. If you click on 'The lockers' in the above post you will see the 'before' pic. Once the renovation is complete, I will post an 'after' pic via twitter. You will be following by then, right? - MK

I don't think the old ones look that bad, but the description of the new ones is sweet. Besides that, if WG wants it then give it to him!

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