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Sorry I don't have much to add but you saw what unfolded at HRS, and belaboring the regression of the Owls would be pointless given the hypersensitive environment eight consecutive losses tends to create. I refuse to pile on the players for I feel terribly for them (especially the seniors), and initiating a lengthy discourse on why the Owls are winless with four games remaining will only create more of these. And, to be completely honest, I've grown weary of being the guy wearing the black cowboy hat.

I'll be brief, however I do want to cover two topics before putting a bow on the Owls' 49-7 loss:

1. While it was not my call to euthanize the live chat, watching the action this afternoon somewhat validated the instruction to do so. It had become a pit of venom and vitriol, and I don't like getting sucked into all that negativity. Did I miss the banter with you guys? Absolutely, and I thought there were some moments where a discussion of strategy was warranted. But things have been really nasty since the Navy debacle, and it doesn't appear to be improving. Until I can find a way to moderate the conversation without allowing all the snide comments and calls for folks' jobs the live chat will be suspended. I'll miss it greatly, but I've got to find a way to get it under control. I, as always, am open to suggestions from you guys.

2. I liked that David Bailiff eschewed the cliches in the postgame presser. This team isn't improving and chatter about impending wins should be replaced by a focus on a respectable effort, so continuing that verbal charade was pointless. Bailiff talked about evaluating his program and, given the change in administration, that's exactly what he should do. I have no idea how he will right this ship, but luckily for him he has an extra week to figure it all out.

"We haven't had, really, some of the problems we ended up having today," Bailiff said. "I'm glad we're getting into the open week. We've gone eight straight (games without a victory) and it's time I get some things figured out. Figure out how to get this team's confidence back, figure out how to get out of the cycle of making mistakes and the cycle or pressing.

"I'm just disappointed for these young men and this university, and I'm responsible. We're all accountable and I've got to make us all accountable."

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MK, there's no doubt a live level of negativity on the chat. I don't know what kind of control you have as the moderator to police the discussion but it's a small enough group of regulars that I think we can agree to abstain from whatever speech is deemed unacceptable (e.g., calls for coaches' heads, critiques of players, etc.). And violators can be banned. I can't be that big of a deal. We're all adults right?

MK -- You are right, there is not much to say after the performance today. The 180 from last season is shocking -- even given the number of senior departures and the ridiculous number of injuries,it is a mystery how the program can have regressed so far so fast.
As for the chat, I think the powers-that-be may be a little too thin skinned. There is a certain small amount of comfort in commiserating with a community of like-minded fans such as this. Having said that, I do agree that the level of ugly sarcasm and finger-pointing that surfaced sometimes did no one any good and was unproductive and unwarranted.
I cannot wait for baseball season to start and really look forward to your chat from Reckling tomorrow.

owl-1983: I'm looking forward to tomorrow's chat, too. With baseball I get to speak my mind and the staff understands if I disagree with a particular move (a rare occurrence I know, but still). Two off-topic points: Did anyone watch the power blocking by the Horned Frogs' O-line on TCU's fifth touchdown? Impressive. And will the Owls ever be this good defensively? Bailiff coached under Patterson at TCU, so it's a possibility, right? Oh, and one CDC mention already. Sigh ... - MK

Not much reason to heap on. DB and the rest of the staff have done a woefully poor job this season. Looks like they finally realize it.

Hopefully Bailiff has what it takes to make the requisite changes.

Didn't get to see the blog since I was at the crime scene and surprised that it was cut off. Granted I don't know how bad things were (since even the half chat is gone) but the powers that be need to reserve their energy for fixing the problem instead of taking it out on the fans (through you).

Once again the OG has things in perspective (understanding the criticism where warranted) and whomever was playing nanny for DB by policing the blog should stop. The fans are already angry and doing things like this make it worse.

As much as I understand where the staff is coming from by not wanting negativity flying around, I feel that if there isn't any, and everyone continually says that this year is trying to win, what change is going to occur?

When I looked at the sideline today I saw NO intensity, no feeling of anger or frustration about what occurred. All I saw was an incredibly under-achieving team that has already cashed their check for the year and hoping that they can survive to see next year.

While next year does offer hope, I wish that these players would at least look like they cared. Please, somebody yell at some one else.

My suggestion would be just don't forward/post the negative stuff, or find someone more dispassionate from what's going on to handle that decision, during games.

Leave the griping for the NCAAbbs forum, and just use the live chat as a way for fans to interact with you, and get updates, info, takes, etc. on what's happening before and during the game.

At Ease: Thanks for the suggestion, but here is my overriding concern: Negative is a relative term, and the problem with censorship is that the definition of what is objectionable depends upon the perspective of the person making the decision. I don't want to censor my readers; I value your opinions far too much to do that. - MK

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